We are excited to announce that Injective Protocol has been added to the Staking Rewards platform. Through this integration our Injective community members will be able to more easily stake their $INJ tokens and learn about the incentives on the Injective Protocol.

      As of now, Injective Protocol has an active testnet and we are showing a static APY on their Staking Rewards asset profile. Users can keep track of the current staking-related data and information on the Injective Protocol Rewards page here.

      Once the mainnet is live, we will integrate the validator profiles for Injective Protocol. Any validator who is not verified with Staking Rewards is urged to get in touch with us to bring further exposure to their services.

      Some benefits to look forward to in the coming months:

      • Exclusive INJ campaign for Top HEARTS holders on Staking Rewards
      • Full Mainnet data integrations with all validator data, blockchain metrics, and calculations
      • Step-by-Step Staking Tutorial
      • Written Interview with Team

      We are happy to be supporting the growth and security of Injective Protocol. Explore unlimited DeFi markets on Injective’s fast, secure, and fully decentralized layer-2 DEX at https://injectiveprotocol.com/.

      About The Author

      Kenneth Garofalo

      is the Research Analyst and Listing Manager at Staking Rewards. Professional background in Financial Services, Public Relations, and Marketing for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.