All you need to know about how to stake Tron

      Staking Tron on Trust Wallet is a straightforward experience that shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes. TRON follows a Delegated Proof of Stake system. Thus TRX stakers vote in Delegates who, validate transactions on the blockchain and distribute block rewards back to stakers. This is a more efficient iteration of the Proof-of-Stake algorithm as it limits the number of delegates, leading to faster block times. Staking TRX on average leads to a 5% return per annum. For a more detailed estimation of rewards please visit the Tron Advanced Calculator.

      What you will need to stake Tron

      • A trust wallet
      • Enough TRON to pay for fees, roughly 1 TRX to send to Trust Wallet

      Step 1 – How to get your trust wallet Tron Address

      To receive TRX in your Trust wallet you will have to click the receive button, search for “TRX”, click on TRON and then copy the address. You can then take this address to your preferred centralized exchange, where you can acquire and withdraw your TRX to your Trust Wallet Tron Address. Ensure to use the “Tron Network” for the withdrawal.

      Step 2 – Selecting your preferred Tron validator

      Selecting your validator is an important consideration when staking. You can view the validators offered on Trust wallet quite easily. First, you click on the TRX card on the main page of the wallet. You then need to click on the blue “More” button and then select “Stake” from the popup. Trust Wallet will default your selection to one of the validators but if you simply click on the validator, it will open up a list of all the validators running at that moment. You can also view a list of Validators on the Tron Staking Rewards Asset Profile.

      Step 3 – Staking your TRX

      Once you have selected your preferred validator, simply input the amount of TRX you would like to stake and then click “Continue” and “Confirm”. And you are done, your TRX is now staked and you will receive your rewards every 2 weeks.


      Staking TRX is pretty straightforward. There are a few extra steps when compared to other staking systems, but nothing that should confuse anyone. You should also not worry about paying fees, as TRON does not charge any transaction fees.

      Consider that the limited number of validators for the Tron Network allows for certain benefits like faster block times, but can also be considered less decentralized compared to more open models of other chains.

      To learn more about which validator might be right for you, check out our TRX Earn Page

      Good luck with your Staking Journey.

      About The Author

      Abishek Y Kannan

      is a Research Analyst at Staking Rewards and covers the asset data integrations on the platform. He has been in the crypto space since 2019 besides his role at Staking Rewards, he is studying actuarial studies at UNSW. Abishek is a crypto enthusiast who loves exploring the novel ways of blockchains to make the world a better and more efficient place.