Everything you need to know about staking ORBS on Orbs Network.

      Put your Orbs Tokens to work in the Tetra Wallet by Orbs Network. Start delegating now to earn up to 8% in annual rewards.

      What is ORBS Staking?

      Proof-of-Stake networks rely on the network stake to maintain its security. Staking the participants’ tokens ensures a strong alignment between the interests of the participants running the network and taking governance decisions and the operation of the network itself. When staking ORBS you are participating in helping secure the Orbs Network.


      We will be using Metamask browser extension in combination with Tetra Wallet by Orbs Network. If you have a Ledger Nano S or X we recommend using it for the staking operations. Following the process as described below you can link your ledger to Metamask and sign transactions when prompted.

      Users must have ORBS Tokens to stake and enough ETH in their wallets to cover any gas costs for associated transactions.

      How to Stake ORBS

      Step 1

      Access the Tetra Wallet using this official link and connect your Metamask wallet: https://staking.orbs.network/

      Confirm the connection in the Metamask window that pops up – make sure to choose the correct wallet with your ORBS and ETH available balance.

      Once connected, you will see your address, with options to copy it, or generate a QR for it.

      Step 2

      Click “STAKE YOUR TOKENS“, and enter the amount you want to stake. In the screenshot below, 50K ORBS are chosen to be staked.

      Step 3

      Click “APPROVE” and choose the ETH fee for broadcasting the transaction in the MetaMask window, followed by SAVE. Faster transactions mean higher fees – make sure to evaluate the current gas fees on the ethereum network so you do not overpay or underpay here.

      If the transactions fails due to “ran out of gas” try again with more allocation for gas.

      It is important to note that neither the gas fee nor the speed of transaction are connected to the Orbs Network; these depend on activity on the Ethereum blockchain.

      Step 4

      Wait for your transaction to become confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain. Once confirmed you may click proceed.

      Step 5

      After clicking “Proceed” you may now select a Guardian for staking.

      NOTE: If you are a returning user who already staked before, you will see a KEEP option here as well.

      Step 6

      Once you “SELECT“, click on the gas fee in the browser pop-up window similar to Step 3.

      Wait for you transaction to become confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain. Once confirmed (7 confirmations recommended), click on “PROCEED“.

      That’s it! All staked, you are good to go.

      How to Un-Stake

      Under Staked Tokens, click “UNSTAKE“, choose the fee in the browser pop-up and wait for Metamask to broadcast the transaction to the Ethereum blockchain.

      Once confirmation(s) are received — that’s it! The number of tokes unstaked will be waiting for you in the Cooldown box. The full cooldown period for ORBS before their withdrawal is 14 days.

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