Mar 07, 2023

How to Stake Phala (PHA)

Guides · 9 Minute Read · Written by Kilian Boshoff




  • View the current Phala staking APR here
  • Use the Phala Staking Calculator to estimate your rewards
  • Lockup: It may take up to 14 days to withdraw your PHA from a Vault or StakePool. It depends on the amount of free delegation in the StakePool.
  • Average commission rate: -
  • Minimum amount required for staking: 1 PHA
  • Estimated time needed to stake your PHA in your wallet: 4 minutes
  • Recommended Phala staking wallets: Subwallet, Metamask, Talisman Wallet
  • Steps to stake:
    • Go to the Phala Staking Portal and connect your wallet
    • Bridge your ERC-20 PHA to KHA.
    • Select a Staking Pool
    • Confirm and happy staking 🤘
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