May 08, 2023

How to Stake Osmosis (OSMO)

Guides · 6 Minute Read · Written by Kilian Boshoff




  • View the current OSMO staking APR here
  • Use the OSMO Staking Calculator to estimate your rewards
  • Lockup: 14 days
  • Average commission: 5%
  • Minimum stake: 1 OSMO
  • Recommended Osmosis staking wallets: Ledger, Keplr
  • Steps to stake:
    • Go to the Osmosis Staking Dashboard on Keplr and connect to your wallet.
    • Select a validator from the list at the bottom of the page. Check our FAQ on how to choose a validator if you are unsure who to delegate to.
    • Once you have chosen a validator and decided on the number of tokens you would like to stake, click ‘Manage’ and then press ‘Delegate’.
    • Finalize by entering the amount of tokens you want to stake, then click ‘Delegate’ and confirm the transaction in your wallet.