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About Xar Network

Xar Network is a framework for Cosmos and Fantom based decentralized finance. The market cap is $390,851 and the 24h volume is $0.

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Staking Xar Network

Xar Network blockchain consensus is achieved via Fantom TxFlow. Investors can leverage their crypto via staking or delegating. Currently there are 2 options to earn passive income and staking rewards with your Xar Network investment as outlined below.

Delegate CSDT

Annual Reward: 339.59%
Adj. Reward: +312.39%
Lock-Up Period: 1 d
Complexity Rating: easy
Risk Rating: moderate
Default Provider Fee: 10.00%

Run a Validator Node

Annual Reward: 377.32%
Adj. Reward: +350.12%
Recommended Minimum:1,000 CSDT
Lock-Up Period: 1 d
Complexity Rating: professional
Risk Rating: risky


  • How to stake Xar Network (CSDT)?

    By opening a CSDT position you can lock up cryptoassets such as BTC, ETH and FTM and receive the stable value token CSDT which is pegged to USD.

    CSDT can be staked by running a Validator Node on the Network.

    For regular users there is an easy way to participate in staking by delegating your tokens and voting rights to one of the active validators.

  • Which parameters do the rewards depend on?

    With the proposed block time of 1s, the initial inflation is 6% and this is distributed between all Staking Participants.

    The Inflation will gradually rise to 30% until we reached a Total Staked of 67%.

    Once the Total Staked is over 67%, the inflation will gradually decrease back to 6%.

    Additional to the Inflation Rewards, Validators receive:

    • Stability fees from minted CSCTs,
    • Liquidation fees from overcollateralized CSCT liquidations,
    • Transaction fees, Governance fees
    • Crisis fees.

    In our Staking Calculator you can make assumptions for the Total Staked and create individualized reward scenarios.

  • Is there a risk to stake Xar Network (CSDT)?

    Few things in life hold no risks, but Xar has spent a significant amount of time lowering the risks to you where possible. But please note, there are risks.

    When using CSCTs we advise you to follow the guidelines of collateralization procedures, and to not go lower than a 200% collateralization ratio.

    This liquidation will occur if you reach below your liquidation price, regardless of your permission. This liquidation price is determined by the collateralization ratio.

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