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Wanchain is an infrastructure connecting different digital assets. The market cap is $41,887,485 and the 24h volume is $7,256,729.

Open Source, Smart Contracts, dApps, Privacy, Interoperability
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Staking Wanchain

Wanchain blockchain consensus is achieved via Galaxy Proof-of-Stake. Investors can leverage their crypto via staking or delegating. Currently there are 2 options to earn passive income and staking rewards with your Wanchain investment as outlined below.

Delegate Wanchain

Annual Reward: 7.50%
Adj. Reward: +5.14%
Required Minimum:100 WAN
Lock-Up Period: 7 d
Complexity Rating: easy
Risk Rating: very stable
Default Provider Fee: 15.00%

Run a Validator Node

Annual Reward: 8.82%
Adj. Reward: +6.47%
Required Minimum:10,000 WAN
Maximum:10,000,000 WAN
Lock-Up Period: 90 d
Complexity Rating: hard
Risk Rating: moderate


  • How to stake Wanchain?

    Staking WAN is a very simple and secure task.

    You can be either a Validator or a Delegator.
    Validators — Validators on the Wanchain network secure the network by playing one of two roles (RNP and EL ) in the process of proposing, validating, and finalizing blocks. Validators can take two forms in the Galaxy consensus, either taking delegation or being a non-delegating node. You can set up a delegating node with a minimum of 50k WAN and a non-delegating node with a minimum of 10k WAN.

    Delegators — Delegators are anyone who delegates their stake to a delegating node.

    The delegation is possible through Wanchain wallets. You need to download the Desktop light Wallet or the mobile wallet, create an account, save your Seed Phrase (=private key) in a safe and secure place, then create a WAN address and send WAN to it. Then, you click on Galaxy PoS>Delegation>New delegation>Select Validator of your choice>My account >Select a FROM address, address from where you want to stake your WAN>Amount of WAN you want to stake>enter your wallet password>Next. 

    Now, you wait 3 days and then each time your validator is selected to work during an epoch, you’ll receive rewards from it.

  • Which network metrics do the rewards depend on?

    The individual WAN rewards depends on the Foundation Rewards, Daily Network Rewards and Total Staked.

    At the beginning of each protocol cycle (epoch), two groups, the RNP (Random Number Proposer) group and the EL (Epoch Leader) group, are selected from all validators. 1 staked or delegated token counts as one “Lottery ticket” to be selected. The two groups equally share the Foundation Rewards and Transaction Fees (Network Rewards).

    The Foundation Rewards consists of 10% of the outstanding Wanchain Token Supply and are decreasing by 13.6% each year, whereas the Network Rewards are expected to rise alongside wider network usage.

    In our Staking Calculator you can play with the above mentioned metrics to understand the dynamics and create all kinds of reward scenarios.

  • Is there a risk to stake Wanchain (WAN)?

    There is no slashing currently in Wanchain. The staked coins are therefore not at risk. The only risk is the performance of the validator that determines the rewards the delegator will get.

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