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About V Systems

V Systems is Blockchain Database Cloud. The market cap is $59,712,932 and the 24h volume is $6,192,077.

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  • What is V Systems (VSYS)?

    V Systems is a native Blockchain Database and decentralized app Platform aiming to create a new digital economy. It facilitates Smart Contracts, Sidechains, user-friendly development tools and the Supernode Proof of Stake Consensus.

  • How was V Systems launched?

    V Systems conducted a private sale in Q1 2018, where 35.88% was allocated to the Contributors (vested over 12 month).

    21% was reserved for the team (vested over 60 month) and 43.12% was given to Ecosystem, Enterprise Partners and Developers, who are now building the project.

    fund, enterprises partners, developers who are now developing the projects

    The Price of the Private Token Sale was 1BTC = 100,000 VSYS.

    The V Systems Mainnnet was then launched on 27.11.2018.

    In March 2019 V Systems arranged another small public IEO public sale on the ZB Launchpad, where 21,000,000 VSYS were sold for 0.0265 USD (which is at current prices around ROI x4).

  • Who is the team behind V Systems?

    The leading architect and innovator behind V Systems is Sunny King. He already wrote the PeerCoin whitepaper together with Scott Nadal in 2012 and led the project to become the first ever Proof of Stake Blockchain in the world. Sunny King is now leading the team of over 30+ developers based in Hongkong, Silicon Valley and New York. Scott Nadal is now the CTO of V Systems.

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