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Savix is a token with a predictable inflation mechanic built into the ERC-20 protocol.







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Calculate how much you can earn by staking Savix. Results vary based on the staking amount, term, and type selected.


  • What is Savix?
  • Savix is the first self-staking token with a staking mechanic embedded into the ERC20 protocol.

    It offers many unique features:

    • the first predictable embedded staking protocol.
    • gas-free staking rewards directly to your wallet
    • combinable with other DeFi projects
    • unique in it’s innovative staking mechanism
    • a ready-to-run and audited product
    • lucrative with a high APY up to 85% for the first year of the project

    For a more detailed explanation of Savix please check out this video explainer.

  • Who is the Team behind Savix?
  • The Savix Team are full believers in trusting code and not their team, they choose to remain anonymous.

    You can check out the code in the Savix Github.

  • How was Savix launched?
  • The Savix team completed a successful initial presale round where 70SVX/ETH, which at the time was an equivalent of about 22–24 USD per SVX.

    The initial presale took place from Jan25th to Feb 08th 2021. In total 47 investors participated in the initial presale. A sum of 57,69546061 ETH could be raised in this first presale round. All in all 4038,68 SVX tokens out of 5000 (80,77%) have been sold.

    Some of the unassigned tokens have been reassigned to market making, all the rest have been added to the amount to burn as shown below:

  • What is the Savix Mission?
  • Savix main objective is to let users profit as much as possible from new investment opportunities created by decentralized finance with as less barriers as feasible.

    This is the Savix mission.

  • How to Stake SVX?
  • The Savix Protocol Embedded Staking has some major differences to all staking coins using typical pool based staking:

    • Savix tokens remain unlocked
    • No pool or any other service or infrastructure is needed
    • You don’t have to make any decisions on staking periods, which pool to choose, if, when or how much to stake. All tokens produce rewards automatically.
    • Rewards don’t have to claimed. They just turn up in all wallets without transactions and free of gas.

    To sum it up: Just buy and hold.

  • How much can I earn Staking SVX?
  • SVX tokens create predictable regular interests generated by its protocol embedded staking mechanism. At the core SVX tokens are the DeFi answer to traditional savings accounts since they embody the option to receive rewards which are regular and predictable as classical fiat savings once used to do.

    Additionally the flexibility of letting all SVX tokens unlocked while participating in the staking system offers the potential to use SVX tokens as collateral for other DeFi investments at the same time.

    This double nature of SVX tokens lead to the exceptional concept of multiple streams of passive income made possible.

  • Any risks to Staking SVX?
  • There is no risks to staking SVX as there is no lockup times, the only point to be aware of is inflation of the overall token supply.

    It is important to note that you will not become diluted as every token holder benefits and enjoys the same APY from holding SVX.

    This innovative project showcases a unique token model and aims to allow for more DeFi use cases in the future.