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PEAKDEFI is a decentralized asset management fund created to grow your wealth.







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Calculate how much you can earn by staking PEAKDEFI. Results vary based on the staking amount, term, and type selected.


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  • How to Stake PEAKDEFI?
  • There will be two ways of staking. The first, “normal” way is to lock up PEAK to stabilize the liquidity and price and earn staking rewards. The second way, a so-called protection staking will be launched in v2 next year. We expect that it will take at least 3 to 5 years until the 1 billion PEAK are distributed through staking.

    The PEAK-Staking Formula depends on 3 Parameters: The Amount of PEAK to stake (Bigger Bonus), the period of time you are willing to lockup your PEAK (Longer Bonus) and the stage when you start staking (Early Factor). The amount of PEAK staked (s) can be 10–1,000,000 PEAK. The time the PEAK are staked for (d), can be 10 to 1,000 days.

    To stake PEAK go to peakdefi.com and connect your wallet (ex: metamask). Next select the amount of PEAK you want to stake and the stake time in days. Click Stake to authorize and confirm. You are now staking PEAK!

    You have to claim the Rewards by clicking on “Claim rewards”, then the PEAK Tokens will be sent to your wallet.

  • How much can I earn Staking PEAKDEFI?
  • You can earn up to 83% in natural PEAK Staking per Year!

    Depending on the amount of PEAK Staked and how long you Stake for  – take advantage of the Bigger Bonus Daily, Longer Bonus Total, and Early Factor – If you want to estimate your rewards with user inputs please check out the rewards calculator.

  • How many PEAKDEFI do I need to Stake?
  • The amount of PEAK staked can be 10–1,000,000 PEAK. The time PEAK are staked for can be 10 to 1,000 days.

  • Is there any risk or lockup period for PEAKDEFI?
  • Yes, during the Staking Period your PEAK tokens are locked. You can’t cancel your staking before the period ends. Users can define their stake time in days with a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 1,000 days.

  • What are Bigger Bonus p.a. B(S), Longer Bonus, and Early Factor?
  • Bigger Bonus p.a. B(S)

    The Bigger Bonus p.a. B(S) is determined by the amount of PEAK that you are willing to stake (s). You can earn up to 10% on top of the regular staking rewards.

    Longer Bonus

    The Longer Bonus L(d) is determined by the length of time (d) that you are willing to stake. The minimum period is 10 days, the maximum 1000 days. The longer you stake the higher your APY ( Annual Percentage Yield). Due to the daily growth factor (β) on top of the daily fixed factor (α), it is always more lucrative to stake longer in one piece (e.g. 100 days in a row) than for multiple short periods (e.g. 10 x 10 days).

    Early Factor

    The earlier you start staking the greater your rewards are. This is due to the Early Factor (w). There is only a specific amount of available PEAK for staking ( 700 Mio.) The staking rewards are reduced by the factor (w) that depends on the amount of PEAK which has already been spent or is reserved. The less PEAK are remaining for staking, the less the APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

  • What is PEAKDEFI?
  • The PEAKDEFI fund is a decentralized and permissionless asset management fund, created to connect investors and asset managers for capital growth.

    The PEAKDEFI fund is a decentralized fund, programmed as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, managed by different Managers in a decentralized, permissionless and smart way to get the best outcome for everybody involved. Investors can invest in the contract and buy a share of the PEAKDEFI fund, whereas managers can participate in on-chain trading with the fund’s capital.

    PEAKDEFI is non-custodial and permissionless and is never taking control of any assets. It can be used directly from a wallet (i.e. MetaMask / WalletConnect) that only you control.

  • What is the PEAKDEFI Vision?
  • “The vision of PEAKDEFI is to enable everybody on the planet to grow their wealth, no matter what position they are in at the moment.
    We want to provide a decentralized investment gateway that is easy to use and accessible for millions of people to shape their future. That’s the mission at PEAKDEFI.”

  • How was PEAKDEFI Launched?
  • PEAKDEFI was launched in early December 2020, almost half a million USD have been invested into the PEAKDEFI fund and more than 15 million PEAK token have been secured in the staking contract.

    This launch was preceded by MarketPeak deciding to rebrand the token name and exchange from MarketPeak (PEAK) token to PEAKDEFI (PEAK) token. There was a 1:1 swap that started on October 15th 2020.

    Overall there will be a total supply of 2,000,000,000 PEAK Token (2 billion PEAK).

    The majority of our PEAK tokens will be distributed via PEAKDEFI staking (50%). These tokens are created “on the fly” until the amount of 1 billion has been reached.

    360,000,000 PEAK (18%) are reserved for members of our educational and software platform MarketPeak.

    200,000,000 PEAK (10%) will be distributed to the internal team and founders. These Tokens will be minted immediately with a 3 years vesting period.

    15% of the total supply, 300.000.000 PEAK, will be reserved for private and institutional Investors, who facilitate the development of the platform. These Tokens will be minted with a 3 years vesting period as soon as the investors get involved.

    138,000,000 PEAK (6.9%) of PEAK will be used as yield farming rewards for liquidity providers which will go live in January 2021.

    2.000.000 PEAK have been provided for the initial liquidity in PEAK/USDC and PEAK/ETH on Uniswap during the last month.

  • Has PEAKDEFI been Audited?
  • Security has the highest priority at PEAKDEFI. Their system was reviewed and audited by Quantstamp, one of the best smart contract security companies, to ensure the security of the PEAKDEFI fund and the staking process. You can verify this information by visiting Quantstamps certificate database and search for “PEAKDEFI”.

  • Who is the team behind PEAKDEFI?
  • The team at PEAKDEFI includes Sergej Heck as the Initiator, Benjamin Bendig as Tech, Jonas Mehmood as Marketing, Ararat Tonoyan as Solidity Engineer, Oksana Pylypenko as iOS Developer, and Denys Roman R. as Android Developer.

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