About USDN

USDN is the first decentralized stablecoin that supports staking by design. Neutrino USD is 100% backed by WAVES and features a robust price stabilization mechanism. The market cap is $10,858,508 and the 24h volume is $1,284,270.

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Staking USDN

USDN blockchain consensus is achieved via Waves Platform's Leased Proof of Stake. Investors can leverage their crypto via staking. Currently there is 1 option to earn passive income and staking rewards with your USDN investment as outlined below.

Stake USDN

Annual Reward: 9.45%
Adj. Reward: +5.56%
Complexity Rating: easy
Risk Rating: moderate


  • How to stake USDN?

    You can buy and stake USDN on the following platforms:

    Waves.Exchange – here you can also buy USDN with a bank card without fees;

    – KuCoin


    To stake, you simply press a button to initiate a transaction in the staking dashboard of Waves.Exchange.

    Staking rewards are paid daily, and you can withdraw your stake any time.

  • How much can i earn staking Neutrino (USDN)?

    The individual earnings are depending on several factors:

    • The price of WAVES (USDN is 100% backed by WAVES)
    • The percentage of USDN deposited in staking (Total Staked %)
    • WAVES leasing reward rate (~6%)

    If the price of WAVES goes up, the rewards for USDN stakers go up as well.

    In our Staking Calculator, you can play with the above-mentioned metrics to understand the dynamics and create all kinds of reward scenarios.

  • What are the requirements for staking USDN?

    There are no special requirements – you just have to choose a staking platform and register an account.  On Waves.Exchange, you can easily buy USDN with a bank card and immediately deposit it in staking.

  • Is there any risk to staking USDN?

    Unlike most other staking coins, USDN is a stablecoin, so there is no volatility risk. USDN price is maintained at $1, so the stake and the rewards don’t depreciate. As for the rest, the risks of USDN staking aren’t higher than those of any other quality DeFi project.

Last updated: 2020-08-03 11:58:05