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About Matic Network

Matic Network is a blockchain agnostic Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. The market cap is $112,633,642 and the 24h volume is $54,239,799.

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Staking Matic Network

Matic Network blockchain consensus is achieved via Plasma + Proof of Stake. Investors can leverage their crypto via staking. Currently there are 2 options to earn passive income and staking rewards with your Matic Network investment as outlined below.

Delegate Matic

Annual Reward: 37.92%
Adj. Reward: +29.37%
Lock-Up Period: 9 d
Complexity Rating: easy
Risk Rating: moderate

Run a Validator

Annual Reward: 37.92%
Adj. Reward: +29.37%
Lock-Up Period: 9 d
Complexity Rating: very hard
Risk Rating: risky


  • How to stake MATIC?

    You can easily delegate your tokens in a single-click transaction to a validator/staking provider.

    After sending the delegation transaction in the official Staking Dashboard, make sure to claim your rewards regularly and restake to gain compound interest.

  • How much can i earn staking MATIC?

    Your staking returns are depending on the current network conditions and metrics such as the Total Staked % and the Transaction Fees spent within the network.

    Matic is allocating 12% of its total supply of 10 billion tokens towards staking rewards. These 1.2 billion tokens will be the staking incentive for the first five years. The incentive is gradually reduced every 30 minutes.

    Please use the Matic Staking Calculator to estimate your rewards under current or future network conditions.

  • What are the requirements to stake MATIC?

    There is no minimum amount requirement for delegation. Any amount, even 1 MATIC, will be accepted in the system. However, it is up to validators to set a minimum limit or not while accepting delegations. Validators might charge a commission in exchange for their node running services. Other than the commission charged, one needs to evaluate the track record of the validator, for example, average uptime or if the node was ever compromised.

  • Are my tokens gonna be locked while staking?

    Matic Network has an unbonding period of 9 days. If you wish to opt out of the system, you can send an unbond request. Delegated tokens will start to unbond immediately.

    During the the unbending period the tokens are still liable to being slashed for any misbehaviour committed by the validator before the unbonding period started.


  • Is there any risk to stake MATIC?

    Staked tokens will be locked in a contract deployed on the Ethereum chain. Validators do not hold the custody of the delegated tokens. However, in the event of a validator getting slashed delegated tokens will also get slashed.

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