About Livepeer

Livepeer is an Open Source Video Infrastructure Services. The market cap is $13,336,605 and the 24h volume is $174,222.

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Staking Livepeer

Livepeer blockchain consensus is achieved via Delegated Proof of Stake. Investors can leverage their crypto via voting. Currently there are 2 options to earn passive income and staking rewards with your Livepeer investment as outlined below.

Delegate Livepeer

Annual Reward: 20.27%
Adj. Reward: +5.02%
Lock-Up Period: 7 d
Complexity Rating: easy
Risk Rating: stable
Default Provider Fee: 10.00%

Run a Transcoder Node

Annual Reward: 22.52%
Adj. Reward: +7.27%
Required minimum:95,106 LPT
Lock-Up Period: 7 d
Complexity Rating: professional
Risk Rating: moderate


  • How to delegate Livepeer (LPT)

    Everyone token holder can delegate his tokens to a transcoding node of his choice.

    This is a simple ethereum transaction which grants the staking rights to the node.

    Transcoding Nodes share a certain percentage of the rewards with their voters.

    The delegation can be done directly from the Livepeer Explorer with Web3.0 plug-in.

  • How to stake Livepeer?

    To stake Livepeer directly it is required to run a server, which processes videos transmitted over the network.

    The server than acts as a transcoding node and receives the inflationary rewards and fees paid by broadcasters.

    The nodes with the most votes from token holders keep the rights for transcoding.

    Currently there can only be a maximum of 15 active transcoding nodes.

    Rewards are paid in proportion to the number of votes.

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