About IoTeX

IoTeX is privacy-centric blockchain platform to power the Internet of Trusted Things. The market cap is $53,984,634 and the 24h volume is $6,709,422.

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  • What is IoTeX?

    IoTeX is a privacy-IoT blockchain platform to power the Internet of Trusted Things, where all physical and virtual “things” — 

    humans, machines, businesses, and dApps — can efficiently exchange information and value at global scale. 

    IoTeX combines blockchain, trusted hardware, and edge computing to deliver new capabilities for privacy, IoT, and blockchain developers.

    The IoTeX Network is designed to be scalable and privacy-centric, with in-house innovations such as Roll-DPoS consensus, 

    multi-layer blockchain architecture, cross-network governance, extensible state transitions, and a Layer 2 privacy chain.

  • How was IoTeX launched?

    IoTex conducted a private Token Sale to 40+ accredited investors in February 2018. IoTeX did not have a public ICO. 

    The Token Supply has been distributed as following:

    24% to Private Sale Investors

    6% to the Community Rewards Program

    15% to the Team

    30% reserved for the Ecosystem

    25% to the Foundation


    The IoTeX-Mainnet has successfully launched since April 22nd 2019.

  • Who is the team behind IoTeX?

    Cofounder Raullen Chai – Prior to IoTeX, he was the Lead of Cryptography R&D and Engineering Security at Uber and was a Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead at Google;

    Cofounder Qevan Guo – Prior to IoTeX, he was the Senior Director of Facebook Ads products and advisor of several startups in silicon valley; 

    Sun Jing, – Prior to IoTeX, she was the managing parterner of Sparkland Capital and investors of many bay area startups.

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