About Divi

Divi is a fully decentralized blockchain network and cryptocurrency. The market cap is $127,505,545 and the 24h volume is $332,472.

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  • What is Divi?

    Divi is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency and platform focused on making token-based finances easier than ever before. They are the only crypto project to have purchased their own fintech bank and are integrating their crypto and fiat-banking protocols. They claim to have solved all of the barriers that up until now have prevented mass adoption of cryptos by the mainstream. Divi’s slogan is “Crypto Made Easy”

  • How was Divi launched?

    Divi raised $2.6 million during it’s ICO in 2017 and launched its own blockchain in 2018. At current valuation, Divi is the second best ICO since May 2017, in terms of value created when compared with value raised, with more than a 10x multiplier.

  • Who is the team behind Divi?

    Divi’s team are led by Geoff McCabe and Nick Saponaro, both from the United States. Geoff has been the CEO and founder of several successful multi-million dollar startups in many different business sectors, bringing with him nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is particularly passionate about product design and UX. Nick leads Divi’s development team, and is a frequent speaker at blockchain conferences around the world and online.

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