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Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. The market cap is $1,009,417,444 and the 24h volume is $213,506.

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Staking Celo

Celo blockchain consensus is achieved via Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Investors can leverage their crypto via . Currently there are 2 options to earn passive income and staking rewards with your Celo investment as outlined below.

Delegate Celo

Annual Reward: 7.55%
Adj. Reward: +4.79%
Lock-Up Period: 3 d
Complexity Rating: moderate
Risk Rating: moderate

Run a Validator

Annual Reward: 32.63%
Adj. Reward: +29.87%
Required Minimum:10,000 cGLD
Lock-Up Period: 3 d
Complexity Rating: hard
Risk Rating: risky


  • How to stake Celo?

    You have to vote for a Validator Group in the command line interface to start receiving rewards.

  • How much can i earn staking Celo?

    The Celo Network targets a flat reward rate that is determined by the total staked % in the network.

    The Target Total Staked is 66.66%. Every Day where the Participation is below this, the reward rate increases by 1/365. The maximum annual reward rate is 20%.

    If the Target Total Staked is met, the reward will gradually decrease.

    Your individual reward is then determnied by the target reward rate and by the validator group you have voted for. If the Validator Group is very stable and realiable you might earn sligthly higher rewards. You can see a list of trusted Staking Validator Providers here.

  • Do i have to claim my rewards?

    Rewards are distributed automatically once a day. The received rewards are automatically reinvested and staked.

  • Is there any risk to stake Celo?
    Voters are never compromised by slashing. Only Validator groups themself might loose a fraction of their stake as well as suffering from dimished rewards for a certain period of time, in case they misbehave (double-signing or downtime).

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