About Blocknet

Blocknet is a blockchain interoperability protocol. The market cap is $8,881,025 and the 24h volume is $18,386.

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Staking Blocknet

Blocknet blockchain consensus is achieved via Proof of Stake + Proof of Work. Investors can leverage their crypto via staking. Currently there is 1 option to earn passive income and staking rewards with your Blocknet investment as outlined below.

Stake Blocknet

Annual Reward: 15.21%
Adj. Reward: +7.59%
Recommended minimum:27 BLOCK
Complexity Rating: moderate
Risk Rating: stable


  • How to stake Blocknet?
    1. Install and setup the Blocknet wallet.
    2. Open and sync the wallet.
    3. Make sure there’s BLOCK in your wallet.
    4. Unlock the wallet for staking only.
    5. It may take a minute for the staking to activate after unlocking.
    6. You can verify the wallet is staking with the status icon in the upper-right corner.

    Note: Staking will not activate if the wallet is not synced or if the wallet is locked.

    Note: Newly deposited BLOCK will not stake until 100 confirmations are obtained (or approximately 100 minutes)

  • How much can i earn staking Blocknet (BLOCK)?

    The selection of the staker that confirms each block is probability-based. This means that everyone’s chance of being selected to confirm the next block is equal to the amount of BLOCK staking divided by the total amount of BLOCK being staked on the network. For example:

    To calculate ROI, do the following:

    Staking ROI % = (525600 / Total BLOCK staking on the network) * 100

  • What are the requirements to stake Blocknet?
    1. Blocknet wallet
    2. BLOCK in the wallet
    3. Wallet unlocked for staking
  • Is there any risk to stake Blocknet?

    Staking is very safe as long as your private keys are safe. It’s also recommended to stake after you encrypt your wallet with a passphrase. You can maximize security by unlocking the wallet “for staking only.”

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Last updated: 2020-08-12 21:17:04