About Bela

Bela is a cryptocurrency designed for the social media site BelaCam. The market cap is $133,989 and the 24h volume is $18.

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  • What is BELA?

    BELA is the ERC20 token that powers the a social media site that makes online earning fun and accessible to anyone in the world, regardless of country of origin or skill level. As of October 2019, has 300,000+ users from all around the world. The BELA token is traded on the Mercatox exchange.

  • Who is the team behind BELA?

    The team behind BELA is based in Charlottesville, Virginia and pulls talent from the University of Virginia. The CEO Tyler Marx was named a Top 100 Young Entrepreneur by the NFIB, and the COO Tanner Roughton dropped out of college to build Belacam. The lead developer Doniyor Jurabayev helped write the Django programming language, which forms the base code that powers sites like Belacam and Instagram. Finally, the team is funded by angel investor Mark Galant, who founded

  • How was BELA launched?

    The BELA cryptocurrency was initially launched as a fork of Litecoin in January, 2014 by a serial coin developer in New Jersey. The current team took over BELA in November of 2016 and began repurposing the coin for the Belacam social media site. In 2018, BELA was swapped from a Litecoin-based cryptocurrency to an ERC20 token, which offered increased transaction security, 15-second transaction times, and a first-of-its-kind smart-contract staking system. Despite being an ERC20 token, BELA never ran an ICO

Last updated: 2020-08-07 15:07:04