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Aion is the digital asset that serves as security and access to The Open Application Network. The market cap is $54,446,667 and the 24h volume is $4,691,738.

Open Source, Smart Contracts, dApps
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  • What is Aion?

    Aion is the digital asset of The Open Application Network. Aion is used to secure and access The OAN.

    As a public infrastructure, a global community of individuals, software companies, and institutions secure and maintain the operations of The OAN.

    These critical functions are enabled and incentivized using Aion. The Open Application Network solves the unintended consequences of platform economies.

    The OAN is an open source public infrastructure for the creation and hosting of Open Apps.

    Open Apps are programs that put users back in control and are universally accessible across platforms. The OAN is built on open standards and is owned by everyone that uses it.

  • How was Aion launched?

    Aion was launched in 2017 as an ERC-20 token in a public token sale that raised over $28M USD at the time. Subsequently in April 2018, Aion launched its mainnet with the native coin, AION. The network has been live since and now operates a hybrid PoW/PoS system as of November 2019.

    50% of the total tokens supply has been sold in the Public Sale.

    20% of the total tokens supply has been reserved for the Foundation.

    20% of the total tokens supply has been resever for the Aion Founding Partners.

    10% of the total tokens supply has been sold in the Private Sale.

  • Who is the team behind Aion?

    Aion has a global team of over 50 people across 3 offices in Toronto, Barbados, and Shanghai. The team is led by Matt Spoke the founder and CEO of The Open Application Network. Matt is also an active and founding board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and a founding director of the Blockchain Technology Coalition of Canada. Earlier in his career, Matt founded Deloitte’s first blockchain team and has spent the last five years working closely with some of the world’s foremost leaders in distributed technology. Matt has spoken at major tech conferences around the world including: Consensus, Elevate, and Collision. Matt is considered by many as a thought-leader in technology and is a regular editorial contributor on

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