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Waves is an open Blockchain Platform. The market cap is $112,969,493 and the 24h volume is $28,304,471.

Open Source, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Exchange
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  • What is Waves Platform?

    Waves Platform is an ecosystem based on an open protocol that enables the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) for decentralized finance (DeFi), leveraging the advantages of a trustless blockchain environment. The protocol combines key properties of blockchain technology such as immutability and transparency with wide-ranging programmable functionality. This enables a broad range of interactions within a digital environment and economy to become more fair, trusted, verifiable and secure.

  • How was Waves launched?

    Waves Platform was launched in 2016 following a successful token sale that raised 30,000 BTC. It was conceived as a powerful and low-cost blockchain-based crowdfunding solution, which allowed anyone to create digital assets quickly and easily, with no smart contract programming required. Waves Platform has since released numerous successful blockchain-based solutions and has steadily developed into a technologically-rich open protocol for DeFi dApps.

  • Who is the Team behind Waves?

    Waves Platform was founded in 2016 by Sasha Ivanov, a physicist and entrepreneur, who has been deeply involved in the electronic payments market since 2009. Before starting Waves he had already founded several tech companies, projects and products to help improve business, banking and public administration systems. Today, more than 250 engineers, developers, analysts and marketing professionals are involved in the development of the Waves ecosystem. Waves Platform developers speak at the top global tech events from New York and San Francisco to Tokyo and Singapore, as well as organizing Waves Platform blockchain meetups and hackathons all over the world on a regular basis. Waves Platform’s global community is expanding fast, with the support of over 50 regional ambassadors, from every continent.

Last updated: 2020-07-05 03:31:31