About Veil

Veil is creating an encrypted equivalent of the cash economy. The market cap is $1,158,368 and the 24h volume is $154,559.

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  • What is Veil?

    Veil is a cryptocurrency project working to facilitate the shift from physical to digital cash economies, making privacy the most convenient choice through both cutting-edge technology and a quality user experience. Fair distribution and broad decentralization are supported through a hybrid Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work consensus system, including support for the RandomX and ProgPoW mining algorithms. Through RingCT, stealth addresses, Dandelion, and compulsory privacy, Veil provides coin fungibility and privacy.

  • How was Veil launched?

    The Veil Project was conceived in early 2018. The motivation for the project was recognition of the need for a currency that provided full-time privacy without compromising strength of anonymity.

    The team was seed funded by excess of one million USD.

    The project’s mainnet was launched in January of 2019 with no premine.

  • Who is the team behind Veil?

    Veil was introduced by James Burden, a recognized industry expert in crypto-privacy and holding a track record of founding and leading successful cryptocurrency projects like PIVX.

    The team is formed by leading blockchain developers, cryptographers, mathematicions, user experience experts and operations personnel.

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