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Learn about Carbon Protocol Staking

What is Switcheo?

The first DEX on the NEO blockchain with advanced atomic swaps between Ethereum and EOs blockchains (cross-chain) since April/2019.

The product that launched Switcheo into existence has been around since 2018 and has had many different iterations and enhancements go into it. The user experience is seamless to pick up and all the hard work from the engineering team shows in how smooth the trading experience can be.

Offering many unique DEX features and with the roadmap of the Exchange allowing it to tap into the TradeHub we will undoubtedly see more changes to the exchange platform soon. This will be the place to trade spot and derivatives market cryptocurrencies on a DEX with zero network fees once this integration occurs since TradeHub opens the door to any base layer chains (i.e. Bitcoin).

Is there any risk to stake Switcheo (SWTH)?

Staking SWTH carries the risk of token slashing of both independent validator and externally delegated balances in the event of malicious activity or downtime. These penalties ensure full accountability of validators to secure the oracle network and maintain high-quality control standards.

Currently, there are 2 main conditions where tokens are slashed:

  • Double Signing (5%): This occurs when a validator signs two blocks at the same height on Chain A & Chain B. There will be a severe 5% penalty imposed on the validator and underlying delegated SWTH tokens.
  • Downtime (.01%): This occurs if validators have not been available in the last 30000 blocks. If slashed, validators are β€˜jailed’ and unable to participate in signing any further blocks until a transaction is sent to Switcheo to prove they are online and operational. We will slowly increase this penalty as our validator pool becomes more stable over time.

For this reason, we strongly encourage all delegators to perform due diligence before choosing a validator. Staking Rewards has a list of trusted and verified validators.

Switcheo is also not responsible or liable for the risks or security flaws of third party wallet partners. Please conduct your due diligence before using applications and transferring funds.

How to stake Switcheo (SWTH)?

SWTH can be delegated to a validator of your choice from the official Switcheo website or via the command line interface directly.

Please refer to the official tutorials at the bottom of this site.

What's the initial token distribution of SWTH?

  • 48% – Private sale (raised $5.5M)
  • 25% – Switcheo team
  • 20% – Public sale (raised $3.2M)
  • 7% – Partnerships & Marketing

Who is the team behind Switcheo?

Management, operational and engineering team is based in Switcheo head office in Singapore which is also supported by a round-the-clock community & support team from all over the world.

Core team:

How much can i make staking SWTH?

Inflationary block rewards are distributed to validators and delegators as an economic incentive for securing the ecosystem through staking. With every block produced, Switcheo will be generating SWTH at a linearly decreasing inflation rate. You can find the current annualized inflation rate here.

The initial inflation rate at network launch was 100%. 1 year after network launch the annualized inflation rate will be 25.14%. After 2 years it will be 9.05% and after 3 years 3.59%. Starting from the 4th year the inflation will be 1.5% and starting from the 5th year the inflation will be 0% and rewards will be derived exclusively from network transaction fees.

The inflation is being distributed between all staking participants. Thus your rewards are higher when more less tokens participate in staking.

You can calculate the current rewards and the rewards assuming any participation rate in the Switcheo Staking Calculator.

What is the 24h Trading Volume of Carbon Protocol (SWTH)?

Over the past 24 hours, Carbon Protocol (SWTH) has seen a trading volume of across all available exchanges.

How has the price of SWTH changed over the past 24h?

The price of Carbon Protocol (SWTH) is currently , which represents a - decrease over the past 24 hours.
Carbon Protocol
Carbon ProtocolSWTH
Carbon Protocol is Carbon is a decentralized layer 2 cross-chain trading protocol designed specifically to support trading of sophisticated & advanced financial instruments such as options, bonds and futures, at scale.
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