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Learn about SuperBid Staking

How to Stake SUPERBID?

The process to Stake SUPERBID is easy and cost effective.

You can buy some SUPERBID on Uniswap and go to the SuperBid Staking Panel. Once in the panel activate Staking by signing a message with your wallet.

Supported wallets right now are MetaMask, Fortmatic, and other WalletConnect-supported wallets.

For a Step-by-Step written Tutorial of How to Stake SUPERBID read our post.

How much can I earn Staking SUPERBID?

There are two ways to earn by staking SUPERBID.

First is normal Staking, you sign a message with your wallet and begin monitoring the staking dashboard. This method is currently yielding 200% APY.

Second is normal Staking plus a Uniswap Liquidity Provider Bonus, not only do you Stake but you also provide liquidity to the SUPERBID / ETH pair on Uniswap. This method is currently yielding 400% APY.

Any risks to Staking SUPERBID?

There are not many risks to staking SUPERBID. There is an early withdrawal penalty on any earned staking rewards up to 90 days after staking start, however this doesn’t affect an initial principle.

At the current time there is no smart contract staking. The requirement is to connect your wallet through their Staking Panel and sign a message to begin staking.

What is SuperBid?

SuperBid is a social auction app.

Connecting fans with thousands of influencer led auctions for items, experiences, and NFTs. is an innovative social-auction app that connects influencers with their fans. With SuperBid, users have the opportunity to participate in thousands of auctions set up by influencers. The SUPERBID token will be integrated in their app!

Who are the Team Members behind SuperBid?

Some of the core team members are as follows:

Wojciech Sobczuk – Founder & CTO

Founder & CTO at VentureDevs, a company building tech for global companies such as, and unicorns like Fair. Featured in TechCrunch, Inc. 500, Business Insider, Fortune, and Bloomberg. Founder of the world’s first multi-million user social media app. Serial entrepreneur, 16 years of business and full-stack development experience, and over 6 years of cryptocurrency market experience.

Patrick Gajda – Founder & CEO

Over 10 years of experience in business management and product development. Active entrepreneur and serial startups investor in space, fintech, IT, e-commerce. President of Escape Velocity, executive board at Venture Devs, and member of EBAN (European Business Angels Network).

Maxwell Gross – COO

Branden Hampton – Head of Talent

Artur Pszczółkowski – Advisor

How was SuperBid launched?

Initially, there were 777m tokens, but the team listened to the opinion of their Telegram group’s members and burned more than 90% of them, so now the total token supply is a few million.

They’ve executed what is described as a fair, stealth launch on Friday 19th February with a sale price of $0.01 on Uniswap, no ICO, no marketing. They wanted the project to grow healthy and with a “customer development” ideology. The reaction was astonishing and still is amongst their community.

Staking Payouts for rewards were activated on Sunday, April 11th, 2021.

Once reward withdrawals are activated on Sunday, April 11th, all rewarded tokens will be subject to a withdrawal penalty for a period of 90 days.


SuperBid recently joined the Crypto Valley Association (CVA), a partnership which will allow the SuperBid team to access various crypto related services. As an early stage project, SuperBid is interested in expanding its network to corporate CVA members with expertise in the blockchain space, collaborating with other crypto projects, and participating in various working groups offered by the CVA.


What is the 24h Trading Volume of SuperBid (SUPERBID)?

Over the past 24 hours, SuperBid (SUPERBID) has seen a trading volume of across all available exchanges.

How has the price of SUPERBID changed over the past 24h?

The price of SuperBid (SUPERBID) is currently , which represents a - decrease over the past 24 hours.
SuperBid is is an innovative social-auction app that connects influencers with their fans. With SuperBid, users have the opportunity to participate in thousands of auctions set up by influencers. We plan to integrate the SUPERBID token in our app!
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