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What are the risks to Staking STMX?

The risks to staking StormX are minimal, this is smart contract staking on the Ethereum network and this contract has been audited by Quantstamp, Inc.

Please consider the timing of when you unstake as you could be forfeiting any earned staking rewards. Unstaking will forfeit your bonus for the current week and you’ll be unable to stake again for the current week. Once the next week starts at midnight Sunday GMT +0, you’ll be eligible to start staking again.

Who are the Team Members behind StormX?

Some of the core team members of StormX include:

  • Simon Yu (CEO and Co-Founder)
  • Calvin Hsieh (CTO and Co-Founder)
  • Alex Hidalgo (Product Manager)
  • Matthew Chuen (Head of Marketing)
  • Felipe Almeida (Software Engineer)

How to Stake STMX?

You can Stake your STMX tokens on the website!

For full instructions check out our Step-by-Step tutorial on staking STMX.

You’ll need to have a valid email address, metamask, and download the StormX chrome extension.

How was StormX Launched?

The team got into the space way back in 2014 and did a crowdsale in 2017 in which they raised over $30 Million USD.

StormX ICO was conducted from 6 Nov to 8 Dec 2017. ETH was accepted. The project raised $ 30,716,420 out of $ 27,600,000. At the $ 0.0799 ATH price on 24 Apr 2018 investors were able to sell this position with 7.07x ROI in USD.

How much can I earn Staking STMX?

StormX is always running various promotions that could increase your staking rewards – make sure to keep up to date with the StormX Staking Rewards asset profile page for the latest APY.

Based off current parameters, get ready to enjoy around a 17.5% reward rate annually!

What is StormX?

StormX members use the crypto cash back app or Chrome button whenever they buy stuff online. The Button operates in the background seamlessly and gets users anywhere between 0.5% to over 85% in crypto rewards depending on the store and their membership level. StormX members automatically level up to the Purple tier when they connect a wallet within the app, but the real magic begins when they level up to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and finally Diamond.

Each tier provides increased Crypto Cash Back, so for people who are shopping online anyway, it makes sense to buy STMX, deposit it in the app and then earn even more crypto cash back every time they make a purchase at one of their favorite stores.

The unique token model provides real incentives for members to not just purchase STMX tokens but to also USE them.

What is the 24h Trading Volume of StormX (STMX)?

Over the past 24 hours, StormX (STMX) has seen a trading volume of across all available exchanges.

How has the price of STMX changed over the past 24h?

The price of StormX (STMX) is currently , which represents a - decrease over the past 24 hours.
StormX is STORM is an ERC20-compliant token which operates on the <a href="">Ethereum</a> blockchain. CEO, and co-founder, Simon Yu, evolved this digital currency from an app called BitMaker, he and co-founder, Calvin Hsieh, worked on in 2014. BitMaker allowed users to send money without transaction fees which...Read more
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