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Learn about Qtum Staking

What is Qtum?

Qtum is a cryptocurrency that combines ethereum’s smart contract functionality with bitcoin’s security to create a coin that is suitable for adoption by large organizations.

How to stake Qtum?

To stake QTUM coins it is recommended to run the official Qtum Core wallet with an entire copy of the blockchain on your Computer or a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

To get the highest possible rewards, please make sure to stay online 24/7 and keep the wallet unlocked for staking only.

Is there a risk to stake Qtum?

Staking Qtum is safe as long you protect your private keys. There is no risk of slashing.

How was Qtum launched?

QTUM raised $1 million in private early-stage funding for the project from 11 angel investors that helped build the testnet and initial implementation of the idea. Subsequently, in March 2017, QTUM completed a crowdsale that raised $15.6 million in just over 5 days.

51 percent of QTUM tokens (51 million) have been distributed to the crowdsale participants. Funds raised this way will finance the Qtum Foundation’s operations for the next four years, including development, administration, marketing, and financial/legal consulting. Of the remaining 49 percent, 29 percent of QTUM tokens (29 million QTUM) have beeen allocated to community initiatives concerning business development, research, education, and market expansion. 20 percent of QTUM tokens (20 million) have been distributed among founders, early backers, and the development team.

Which network metrics do the rewards depend on?

The individual reward depends on the Block Reward, Block Time, Daily Network Rewards and Total Staked.

Every block one staker is randomly selected whereas 1 staked coin counts as one “lottery ticket”. The selected staker has the right to create a new block and broadcast it to the network. He then receives the block reward and the fees of all transactions successfully included in this block.

In our Staking Calculator you can play with the above mentioned metrics to understand the dynamics and create all kinds of reward scenarios.

Who is the team behind Qtum?

The singapore-based QTUM team is led by Patrick Dai.

Qtum is Qtum is a decentralized and open-source smart contracts platform and value transfer protocol. Qtum uses proof-of-stake consensus, meaning node operators are rewarded for validating transactions. It is a DGP governed blockchain where community participants can vote to change certain network parameters. Qtum is built on a bitcoin core fork, but...Read more