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What is Presearch Staking?

Presearch is a Decentralized Search Engine. Search privately, receive better results and get rewarded with the Presearch decentralized search engine, powered by blockchain technology..

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Learn about Presearch Staking

How to stake Presearch (PRE)

Currently, we offer three methods of staking: Search Staking, Keyword Staking and Node Staking. The Calculator above refers specifically to Search Staking, which enables Presearchers to control their level of search rewards by staking Presearch tokens ($PRE).  For more detailed information regarding Keyword staking and Node Staking, see associated hyperlinks.

Search Staking

One of the core principles of the Presearch vision has been to develop a value for value model, where those who provide value are rewarded for their contributions to the search ecosystem. This enables users to signal to the platform their economic value and support for the ecosystem, while also enabling Presearch to combat abuse by those who would try to take advantage of rewards.

How It works

Sign up or Log in to  Deposit PRE tokens to your account by navigating here to your PRE Wallet Dashboard  and click the Deposit Button.  You can then request a deposit address here and your tokens will be immediately credited to your account.  You now have the ability to add a search stake to your account, which commits your tokens to the platform while you retain full ownership of your $PRE. The more you stake, the more you earn and use our calculator to see the potential!

This is a massive opportunity for Presearch to offer more significant rewards to those who are the biggest economic supporters of the project, while also ensuring that the project can continue offering rewards to all users, and to limit the impact of rewards abuse, facilitating the rapid growth required as Presearch pushes toward mass adoption.

Do I need to maintain my staking in any way?

After Staking PRE tokens (in your search staking wallet), there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Search rewards will be allocated to your Search Wallet immediately following every search you perform up to 25/day.  See Calculator above for rewards model.
  • Rewards are not compounded until you “Claim” rewards and add to your principal.  Claiming is manual and can be performed for every 1000 tokens earned.
  • Upon initial Search Stake: a 48-hour lock is imposed to prevent fraud.  After 48 hours you are free to withdraw your tokens back to your PRE Wallet and/or via our Web3 Withdrawals functionality ie Metamask, etc.
  • For all other details regarding Keyword Staking and Node Staking refer to the hyperlinks.

What are the tokenomics of Presearch (PRE)?

The treasury of the project is used for marketing or as part of the incentive activities in the following programs:

  • Search rewards – for genuine searches, especially when paired with search staking.
  • Node staking rewards – as a reward for operating and maintaining a node as part of our decentralized node network which contributes to the stability and robustness of the network.
  • Keyword staking: for users who are interested in driving traffic to their web site.
  • Marketing activities – Grants for authors of articles, videos and other ways of promoting Presearch, AD Grants winners or other campaigns.

Tokenomics plans with up to 20% of revenue being directed back towards users, node operators in form of increased platform rewards, token buybacks or marketing activities to support the project and community around it.

Token buybacks of 10% of revenue has been reached but increases depends highly on user adoption and monetization success rate.

What is Keyword Staking?

Keyword Staking is a term for committing your PRE tokens to a specific word or term.

If you stake the most tokens to a given keyword, your ad will show up when someone searches for that term on Presearch.

You still maintain ownership of your PRE while they are staked, but if you choose to ‘unstake’ them from a given term, or if someone stakes more than you, your ad will no longer be shown.

During the initial launch phase of the platform, estimated to last until January 2022, there will be no cost for any traffic you receive through your ad.

For more information on keyword staking, please visit

What is the Presearch Engine?

The Presearch Engine established in 2017, is the world’s most widely used meta search engine.  Unlike most search engines, Presearch does not track your online activity or sell your data so that you can search in peace! Presearch is a next-generation search engine built to provide the world with a decentralized alternative that operates more like a public utility on behalf of its community.  Head to our website & start searching!

5 goals which could describe Presearch Engine:

  • Excellent, customizable meta search engine
  • Respects privacy
  • Decentralized architecture
  • AI enabled results
  • Rewards for genuine searches, especially with search staking

Privacy Centric offers a privacy-focused search experience that delivers search results more comprehensive than those of prominent search engines. Unlike conventional platforms that may prioritize self-serving content, our innovative decentralized node infrastructure promotes fairness and security, thus mitigating biases in search outcomes. Our robust ecosystem, powered in part by the community, includes our search API, AI search results, keyword staking, node running, search staking and an affordable advertising.

Decentralized platform

The current version of the Presearch Engine is a major step toward the ultimate vision and employs nodes operated by community members to access data from existing search resources and data sources. A series of community-generated packages can also be displayed above the traditional search results to provide enhanced information.

Meta search engine

Presearch offers its users increased search choice and active personalization, where they control their own experience, rather than automated personalization built upon a foundation of tracking and profiling users.

Next steps

The next step is to begin layering our own index on top of this platform so that community-driven results can supersede the external results, yet still provide users with comprehensive answers while the Presearch index is in development.

What is PRE?

PRE is the utility token of Presearch platform. PRE token has a technical max supply set to 1 billion tokens. Current supply is set to 500 million and contract allows minting and burning of tokens.

PRE is the native token of the Presearch Ecosystem and performs the following key functions on the platform listed below:

The main use cases

  • To reward searchers who elect to search stake for running genuine searches through Presearch engine
  • To reward promoters for referring new users to Presearch platform
  • To reward node operators for contributing computing resources powering the platform, and to help secure node network
  • To enable advertisers to have their ads displayed under certain keywords that the advertiser’s stake their tokens against
  • To pay for Presearch advertising products such as Search API or Homepage Takeover.

What is the vision behind Presearch?

Presearch believe that the world deserves a community-driven, grassroots, decentralized search engine that’s built by and for the community it serves.

This search engine should reward those who contribute to its success, and leverage blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to align the interests of all of its stakeholders.

By becoming increasingly accountable and transparent, Presearch will earn the trust of its community, attracting many of the best and brightest to the project in the process.

This group of people, from all over the world, from all walks of life, with different faces and voices and beliefs and visions for the future, will find ways to collaborate together to create new and valuable ways to access information online.

These people will uncover methods of cycling value through the communities they support, using technologies they trust, generating wealth, preserving privacy and building freedom in the process.

Presearch is a Decentralized Search Engine. Search privately, receive better results and get rewarded with the Presearch decentralized search engine, powered by blockchain technology.
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