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Learn about Phantasma Staking

What is Phantasma?

Phantasma is fast, scalable and low-cost blockchain solution that allows for interoperability with other blockchains. It provides advanced NFT functionality, custom built decentralized storage, built-in oracles and blockchain solutions for the gaming, digital art and music industry.

Infinite sidechains: The capacity of each side chain is 5,000 transactions per second. This can be scaled infinitely and can also be a scaling solution for other blockchains due to Phantasma’s interoperability.

Some of The most advanced NFT features in the industry.

WHAT IS SOUL: SOUL is the native governance and staking token.

WHAT IS KCAL: KCAL is the utility token that is being used to pay for transaction fees, minting NFTs, deploy smart contracts, etc.

How was Phantasma Launched?

2017-Q3: Initial R&D

2018-Q2: Token Generation Event

2018-Q4: Testnet

2019-Q3: Mainnet

2020-Q1: First NFT sales on the Phantasma blockchain

2020-Q2: First AAA Game (22 Racing Series) on the Phantasma blockchain

2020-Q3: Launch of GhostMarket marketplace on the Phantasma blockchain

2020-Q3: Interoperability with Ethereum and NEO

2020-Q3: Phantasma on-chain storage

2020-Q4: Launch of uMint NFT self minting service through GhostMarket

How to Stake SOUL?

Staking in Phantasma is very simple.

Clicking the Stake button in the wallet will result in staking.

Clicking the Unstake button in the wallet will result in unstaking.

There is no requirement in terms of running a node.

Is there any risks to staking SOUL?

No, besides the risk of losing your private key there is no risk involved in staking SOUL because the distribution of the rewards is secured via smart contracts.

There is no minimum to stake SOUL and no lockup period.

How much can I earn Staking SOUL?

With current network stats you can earn approx. 14% per year staking Phantasma. By staking SOUL on the Phantasma native blockchain for a minimum period of 24 hours you will be receiving 0.002 KCAL per SOUL staked per day, 50,000 SOUL staked yields 100 KCAL per day. The moment of claiming KCAL is flexible. You can choose to claim every 24 hours or let the KCAL accumulate for a longer period of time and claim later.

If you stake 50,000 SOUL for a minimum of one month (per calendar month) you will be granted Soul Master status. You will be eligible to also receive a portion of 125,000 SOUL. This portion is calculated by dividing 125,000 SOUL by the number of eligible Soul Masters.

Soul Masters staking a minimum of 50,000 SOUL continuously will receive a CROWN NFT every 90 days starting from the time of Phantasma’s Genesis block. This CROWN NFT contains a portion of the ecosystem’s total KCAL fees for the last 90 days as well as 20% of the ecosystem incentive allocation, evenly distributed to all qualifying wallets.

CROWN NFTs will be awarded every 90 days to continuous Soul Masters. For every CROWN you hold in your wallet, KCAL generation rate is increased by 5% for that wallet – up to a limit of 20 CROWNs held in a single wallet. This means that over time the KCAL rewards will increase by 5% per quarter and can ultimately be doubled.

CROWN NFTs will be infused with SOUL and KCAL tokens using Phantasma’s advanced NFT infusion capabilities. Of the annual 2% SOUL inflation initially allocated to block producers, 10% has been reallocated to Soul Masters staking 50k SOUL or more for 90 consecutive days. In addition, 25% of KCAL fees for all transactions happening on the chain will be redirected to the rewards pool unless a dApp developer smart contract specifically requires this portion of the fees as payment to the dApp provider.

It is up to the CROWN NFT holder to decide whether he wishes to burn the CROWN NFT, thereby freeing up the infused SOUL and KCAL tokens and foregoing the 5% increased KCAL generation rate OR if he wishes to keep the CROWN NFT to earn increased KCAL rewards.

To find how much you can earn check out the Staking Rewards Calculator for Phantasma.

Who are the team members behind Phantasma?

Phantasma was founded in 2017 by Sergio Flores, City of Zion (CoZ) developer, better known as Relfos on Github and the NEO Discord. He was the creator and maintainer of the neo-debugger-tools project. He’s also the creator of the Nachomen and Minimon games, the latter a monster hunting RPG released on both Steam and mobile devices, with over 2 million players since launch.

Sergio originates from a game development background, where he worked on game engines for simulators used in multiple industries, including for education and military purposes.

The team consists of team members from all over the world. They can be found on the Phantasma website

Phantasma is <a href="https://phantasma.io/">Phantasma</a> is a decentralized, feature rich Layer 1 blockchain. Being developed in C#, Phantasma is the chain of choice for Unity Developers. Phantasma has an easy-to-use connector between dApps, wallets and blockchain via Phantasma Link. Additional support for developers can be found through Phantasma...Read more
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