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How to stake NULS?

Staking NULS is quick and easy, to get started quickly we recommend the NULS Web Wallet. It features full staking and voting capabilities. You do not need to leave the wallet running to receive staking rewards. NULS staking allows you to earn rewards while your PC is off. Before using any wallet, please be sure to back up your private key, Keystore file, and password to a safe place.

How much can i earn staking NULS?

The amount earned is variable based on the current blockchain metrics like the amount of stakers (Total Staked %).

You can calculate the earnings under different network conditions in our NULS Staking Calculator.

What are the requirements to stake NULS?

To stake and earn NULS you need 2,000 NULS to vote for a agentnode and start receiving rewards.

If you want to run an agentnode directly you would need at least 20,000 NULS. Additionally NULS offers POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) an SCO Platform that allows projects to use smart-contracts to issue and distribute project tokens on blockchains. You can stake NULS into a project’s nodes and earn their token as a reward, while the project earns NULS as a reward. Some projects offer to stake with just 5 NULS as the minimum.

Is there any risk to stake NULS?

Besides the risk of losing your private keys, there are no other risks involved with staking your NULS.

What is NULS?

NULS is an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform that offers fast-track business solutions for developers. Featuring microservices, smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability, and instant chain-building, NULS sets a new industry standard in streamlining blockchain adoption.

Who is the team behind NULS?

The global team of business and technology experts is committed to blockchain, decentralization, and community-building. NULS has dual headquarters in Chongqing, China, and San Jose, California with a dedicated, expanding team of developers throughout Europe.

How was NULS launched (initial token distribution)?

Prior to the formation of NULS, the team was working on another blockchain project called Inchain. But due to a change in Chinese regulations on ICO’s InChains development stalled. Part of the team split to create NULS. They offered Inchain investors a refund for the ICO or a future airdrop of NULS.

Nuls is an adaptable blockchain for enterprise solutions

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