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How to stake KNC?

Anyone can stake KNC, vote on proposals, and claim rewards at the official web platform is the only official platform managed by the Kyber team. The platform is optimized for mobile and works on any web3 and DApp browser. This means you can indirectly stake KNC on crypto wallets such as Trust, Enjin, imToken, Status, and many others, etc.

Step 1: Open
Step 2: Connect your wallet
Step 3: Stake KNC

In addition, there are other 3rd party staking service providers (e.g. StakeWithUs, Stake Capital, RockX, Hyperblocks) that you can use to stake KNC. These include both non-custodial and custodial (e.g. centralized exchanges) options, and they have their own trade-offs and requirements.

How much can i earn staking KNC?

Your rewards are subject to a few network metrics such as Kyber Exchange Trading Volume and the Total Staked Tokens.

The Kyber Exchange charges around 0.1% fees on every trade facilitated on the platform. 65% of those fees collected in ETH are distributed between all staking participants.

You can calculate your rewards under current and projected network conditions in the Kyber Network Staking Calculator.

What are the requirements to stake KNC?

You just need an Ethereum wallet that holds KNC tokens.

There is no minimum token requirement for staking.

Is there any risk to stake KNC?

The KNC tokens that you stake through the interface will reside in a non-custodial smart contract developed by the Kyber Network team, which has been audited by multiple 3rd party professional agencies. Additionally, the smart contract has been tested multiple times for various attack scenarios to ensure its security.

Kyber Network DOES NOT hold your funds at any point in time. As a user, you will always have full control over your funds, and you are free to deposit and withdraw your KNC tokens anytime.

Important: Staking carries its own set of risks, just like any other decentralized application and new technology. Be wary of scammers, phishing attempts, and fake websites. Users should always make sure that they visit if they want to stake and vote on their own. Please only stake an amount you are comfortable with.

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Kyber Network is an on-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from a wide range of reserves, powering instant and secure token swaps in any decentralized application.

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