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Learn about KardiaChain Staking

How to stake KAI?

In order to stake KAI you need the native version and not the ERC20 token – If you have the ERC20 version of KAI please go to https://swap.kardiachain.io/ and follow the instructions on how to swap your ERC-20 KAI to native KAI.

First you will need to create a native KAI wallet here: https://legacy-explorer.kardiachain.io/wallet-login

Once you’ve created you wallet and have some native KAI in it you’ll be able to click on the staking tab and select a validator to delegate your stake to.

For more information on how to stake KAI please follow our Step-by-Step guide on Staking KAI.

How much can I earn Staking KAI?

KAI staking reward ranges from 12%-24% APR. On average, it’s about 15% compounded annually.

For more information and to estimate your KAI staking rewards please visit the KardiaChain Staking Rewards Calculator here.

Any risks to staking KAI?

There is not to much risk to consider when staking KardiaChain outside of the delegation lockup time of 1 day. It is important to note that some high profile corporate entities are running validator nodes for KardiaChain including LG CNS, a subsidiary of electronics giant LG.

Most of the validators for KardiaChain have maintained an uptime performance of 100% – for more information on staking providers please visit the KardiaChain Staking Rewards Providers page here.

Also consider the minimum of 1,000 KAI to stake/ delegate.

What is KardiaChain?

KardiaChain is a public blockchain platform focused on interoperability and providing hybrid blockchain solution/infrastructure for enterprises and governments in Vietnam and other countries in South & East Asia.

KardiaChain is the world’s first fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain platform. Their own invention, called Dual Node, allows them to expedite the blockchain mass adoption process in an efficient manner, reducing the need for educating the market.

They are providing more usability and blockchain features for more and more service providers that are joining the KardiaChain ecosystem.

Who are the Team Members behind KardiaChain?

Some of the core team members of KardiaChain include the following:


Tri is a Tech Startup founder and advisor in London with over 10 years of entrepreneurship experience in multiple sectors such as mobile app, finance, and services. He focuses his business on bringing cutting-edge technologies to the masses.

Huy Nguyen – CTO / CO-FOUNDER

Huy is a senior Tech Lead Manager at Google, with over 10 years of experience in building large-scale distributed infrastructures. Huy has a track record of leading many high profile projects, most notably Google Access Wireless Platform and Google Fiber Network Infrastructure.

Anthony Vo – CFO

Mr. Vo is a seasoned financialist who is currently working as First VP, Bank of Hope, the largest Korean American commercial bank in the US. His past experience was with KPMG Advisory in a Manager role for Risk Management Analytics.

Johnny Tri Dung – CBO

Thang Huynh – CRO

Thien Nguyen – TECH LEAD

How was KardiaChain Launched?

Vietnamese blockchain business Kardiachain launched its mainnet on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 as it promises to make the benefits of blockchain available to everyone. At the moment of writing (March 21, 2021) Kucoin.com supports the tokenswap bridge, which means they accept ERC0–20 version of KAI as deposit and you can withdraw native version of KAI.

Kardiachain, recently secured five big-name blockchain validators, including LG CNS, a subsidiary of electronics giant LG.

The KardiaChain ICO was held on April 7th 2020 and just over 4 Million USD was raised in return for an ERC20 version of KAI.

The initial price was 1 KAI = 0.00144 USD – based on current prices this return is over 75x in USD terms.

KardiaChain is the world’s first fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain platform

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