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Learn about Kalamint Staking

How to Stake KALAM?

In order to stake KALAM, you need to use Crunchy, a platform that provides DeFi services and solutions on Tezos to projects who want to launch their staking incentives.

You need to go to Farms and look for the Kalam pool. Click on the green button that says ‘’Stake Now to Earn Rewards’’, select the number of tokens you want to stake, press stake, and approve the transaction.

The best wallet to stake KALAM is the Temple Wallet, which is to Tezos what Metamask is to Ethereum

How much can I earn Staking KALAM?

Currently, your APY depends on the amount of tokens participating in the Crunchy staking pool and the current multiplier, as the team allocated 1.000.000 tokens to the Crunchy Pool. However, be fast to the stake, as the reward multiplier will decrease over time and therefore we will see a substantial decrease in reward. 

Besides this fact, the staking incentive will terminate on the 31st of October of 2021. We will be sure to track any new incentive pools that open when this pools distribution comes to an end.

What are the requirements to stake KALAM?

Besides a wallet compatible with Tezos Blockchain there is no required minimum to stake KALAM. You will only need a few XTZ in order to pay for transaction fees, interacting with the staking smart contract. This is a single transaction (~$0.04 depending on current GAS prices).

We recommend using the Temple wallet and you can use this guide on How to Buy KALAM Tokens.

Is there any risk to Staking KALAM?

Regarding KALAM we have the general risks for every staking protocol: Smart contract exploits and errors that can occur to these decentralized protocols. 

Besides these, we might face token price depreciation as more tokens enter the market due to founders vesting expiration and release of new tokens through the stacking mechanism. This will not only reduce the APY as it might reduce the value of our staked tokens.

What is Kamamint?

Kalamint is a brand new marketplace for NFTs on Tezos!

The platform will lets users create/mint NFTs native to Tezos using the FA2 token standard. It also enables buying and selling NFTs via fixed price and auction.

Every user who creates/mints or transacts on the Kalamint platform will be rewarded KALAM tokens from their “Early Adopter Rewards” pool. This would be a token of appreciation (pun intended) to all the users who will use the platform and give meaningful feedback.

How was Kalamint Launched?

Kalamint was launched in early 2021 as the first curated NFT platform on Tezos that also allowed users to add royalty features to their created NFTs.  It was launched in the form of Seed round and later Private Sale for specific investors and VC Funds. The project will also distribute KALAM tokens to early investors along with the Kalamint Guild as detailed in their KALAM Tokenomics.



Who is the Team behind Kalamint

Some core team members of Kalamint are as follows:

Sandeep Sangli – Co-Founder at Kalamint

Pradeep Atmaram – Director – Marketing at Kalamint

Sri Harsha Bakku – Technology Lead at Kalamint
The project was also backed by Draper Goren Holm Ventures, Amesten Capital and Moonwhale Venture

What is the 24h Trading Volume of Kalamint (KALAM)?

Over the past 24 hours, Kalamint (KALAM) has seen a trading volume of across all available exchanges.

How has the price of KALAM changed over the past 24h?

The price of Kalamint (KALAM) is currently , which represents a - decrease over the past 24 hours.
Kalamint is Kalamint, a leader of the Clean NFT movement is built on Tezos, an LPoS blockchain. It is backed by Draper Goren Holm Ventures, Amesten Capital and others and is one of the only NFT marketplaces which is truly on-chain, meaning that the data on the chain can never be altered or lost.
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