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How to Stake FLAME?

The best way to stake FLAME is by going to the Flam DeFi SpaceFarm.

Here you will find numerous option for staking FLAME asymmetrically to earn FLAME and a variety of other assets.

Some prerequisites for staking FLAME include having a Tezos Wallet – we recommend using the Temple Wallet.

There are also opportunities for users to provide liquidity to the FLAME/XTZ LP on Quipuswap and further stake that LP token in the SpaceFarm for additional yields.

The savvy investor would devise a strategy that compounds rewards and increases APY through a variety of the SpaceFarm contracts.

How much can I earn Staking FLAME?

Currently the Stake FLAME, Earn FLAME option is rewarding 3.5 FLAME tokens per second which is derived from inflation of FLAME. It is important to note that these smart contracts are written in a way that allows for the rewards to be generated from inflation/ minting or from statically being placed into the contract by the team.

There is a lot more opportunities within the Tezos ecosystem for yield due to the new, but innovative, features where liquidity pool deposits can earn baking rewards in addition to splitting trading fees.

There are numerous active pools on Flame DeFi’s SpaceFarm to earn over 100% APY.

Any risks to Staking FLAME?

There are some risks associated with Staking FLAME. There is smart contract risks as Flame DeFi is built on Tezos, this is one of the first Yield Farms and has yet to stand the test of time, or the treat of hacks.

Another risk is inflation, if you do not participate in the staking features of FLAME you will be diluted due to inflation rewards.

If you are depositing liquidity into LPs you should always be aware of the risks of impermanent loss.

How to buy FLAME?

Currently the best way to buy FLAME is on the Quipuswap DEX – please see our full tutorial on How to Swap Tokens and Add Liquidity on Tezos with QuipuSwap.

It is important to also have a Tezos Wallet such as Temple Wallet.

FLAME token contract information:
Smart contract: KT1Wa8yqRBpFCusJWgcQyjhRz7hUQAmFxW7j
Token ID: 0
Decimals: 6

What is FlameDEX?

FlameDEX is one of the first cross-asset AMMs in the Tezos ecosystem.

FlameDEX will not only be a DEX, but also an aggregator!

Thanks to FlameDEX, always find the best price among all DEXs on Tezos. This feature will be added a few weeks after the launch of FlameDEX. From its launch, however, FlameDEX will be able to find the best route among its liquidity pools to get the best possible price.

FlameDEX has passed several public security audits. Still, it is experimental software. Please use it at your own risk.

What is Flame DeFi?

Flame DeFi is one of the first ever DeFi platforms built on the Tezos blockchain.

They have a yield farm called SpaceFarm with a huge variety of high-yield farms. Users are able to farm FLAME tokens and many others since the SpaceFarm was launched.

The team plans to build a FlameDEX including swaps, and native liquidity pools. Combining farming and an exchange allows them to attract high liquidity.

FLAME tokens will be burned every quarter – The team will buy FLAME tokens on the market during each quarter and burn them to maintain a stable price for the token and its growth. The FLAME tokens were also burned at the end of the FlameDAO sale.

Lastly the FlameDAO governance token – the team has a unique system for earning and distributing the FlameDAO governance token. High difficulty in obtaining this token, rarity, and a special distribution system make the FlameDAO governance token only available to FLAME community members.

How was Flame DeFi Launched?

Flame token held an ICO in early 2021, built on the Tezos platform in which all FLAME tokens designated for the presale sold. Users could use FLAME to buy fDAO during that presale. The price was 1 fDAO = 25,000 FLAME

Initial token supply: 310,000,000 FLAME
Maximum token supply: unlimited with quarterly burning
Pre-sale: 300,000,000 FLAME
Team: 10% of the tokens sold
Airdrop: 10,000,000 FLAME
Smart contract: KT1Wa8yqRBpFCusJWgcQyjhRz7hUQAmFxW7j
Token ID: 0
Decimals: 6

Initial token supply: 100,000 fDAO
Maximum token supply: 100,000 fDAO
Pre-sale: 4000 fDAO
Team: 500 fDAO
Airdrop: 1000 fDAO
Smart contract: KT1KPoyzkj82Sbnafm6pfesZKEhyCpXwQfMc
Token ID: 0
Decimals: 6

Who is the team behind Flame DeFi?

The main team members behind Flame DeFi are:

Audric – Marketing and Partnerships

Roman Krestianinov – Senior Executive

What is the 24h Trading Volume of Flame (FLAME)?

Over the past 24 hours, Flame (FLAME) has seen a trading volume of across all available exchanges.

How has the price of FLAME changed over the past 24h?

The price of Flame (FLAME) is currently , which represents a - decrease over the past 24 hours.
Flame is the utility token that powers rewards for the Flame DeFi ecosystem including the SpaceFarm, Poker, and Lottery
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