About Elrond

Elrond is a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform. The market cap is $98,589,841 and the 24h volume is $18,833,178.

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Staking Elrond

Elrond blockchain consensus is achieved via Secure Proof of Stake. Investors can leverage their crypto via smart contract staking. Currently there is 1 option to earn passive income and staking rewards with your Elrond investment as outlined below.

Stake Elrond

Annual Reward: 26.63%
Adj. Reward: +26.63%
Lock-Up Period: 7 d
Complexity Rating: easy
Risk Rating: stable


  • How to stake Elrond (ERD)?
    • 1. Deposit ERC20 ERD tokens in a wallet that you can use with MetaMask
    • 2. Go to https://stake.elrond.com/ and click Pre-Stake
    • 3. Initiate the Staking Transaction via Metamask
  • How much can I earn staking Elrond (ERD)?

    The Elrond Team has dedicated 400 million ERD as a total reward pool for the prestaking period until mainnet launch.

    Until the total reward pool has been paid out or the mainnet is successfully launched, there is a base reward rate of 17% for all participants.

    If the more than 12.5% of the circulating ERD supply is staked, the base reward rate is 19%.

    If the more than 25% of the circulating ERD supply is staked, the base reward rate is 21%.

    If the more than 37.5% of the circulating ERD supply is staked, the base reward rate is 23%.

    Additionally the individual reward rate is increased by 0.5% for each day staking (max. for 90 days).

    Feel free to play with the above network conditions such as Total Staked and Staking Time in our Elrond Staking Calculator

  • What are the requirements for staking Elrond (ERD)?

    The Elrond staking process is trustless and transparent. You need to own ERD tokens in a wallet that you control. Staking is allowed once per wallet, so different staking transactions should come from different respective accounts.

  • How long are Elrond (ERD) locked up in Staking?

    Withdrawals will only be possible 30 days after the start of the pre-staking process. After that, withdrawals are possible, with a 7 day unbonding delay, during which rewards are not accrued.

  • Is there a risk to stake Elrond (ERD)?

    Staking Elrond is a very safe process. Some general risks for staking do exist, such as losing control of private keys, which can be mitigated by diligent private key management, such as multiple backups.

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