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What is Dymension Staking?

Dymension staking is the process of locking DYM tokens to a validator, to contribute to the security of the network. By staking, you can earn rewards payable in additional DYM tokens. The reward rate for staking on the Dymension network is currently -.

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Run Your Own DYM Validator

Running a Validator is a great way to support the network and contribute to the security of the network. It requires a local set up in your home. Running a Validator is a great way to foster decentralization. You can run a validator either at home on your own server, or set it up remotely in the cloud.
Reward Rate

The reward rate is calculated by tracking the total rewards distributed over a standard measurement period across all network participants. This amount is then extrapolated to represent an annual figure, adjusting for the network's unique time measurement method to ensure accuracy.

216.22k DYM

The minimum required to run a validator and receive rewards can change over time and may be influenced by the network's active set size and overall participation rate, with adjustments reflecting shifts in network dynamics and participation trends, requiring validators to stay informed on current conditions.

Lockup Time
21 days

When initiating a stake, there can be a starting period before the stake becomes active, followed by a waiting period upon withdrawal. The length of these periods can vary, reflecting the network's unique processing times. As a result, the actual time your assets are locked may differ based on operational procedures and current network status.

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