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What is Desmos Staking?

Desmos staking is the act of delegating your DSM tokens to a validator. Stakers can earn - through participation in securing the network.

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Run Your Own DSM Validator

Running a Validator is a great way to support the network and contribute to the security of the network. It requires a local set up in your home. Running a Validator is a great way to foster decentralization. You can run a validator either at home on your own server, or set it up remotely in the cloud.
Reward Rate

121.75 DSM

Lockup Time
14 days

When initiating a stake, there can be a starting period before the stake becomes active, followed by a waiting period upon withdrawal. The length of these periods can vary, reflecting the network's unique processing times. As a result, the actual time your assets are locked may differ based on operational procedures and current network status.

Learn about Desmos Staking

What is Desmos?

Desmos is a Proof of Stake blockchain protocol that allows developers to build social networking or social-enable apps.

Desmos aims to provide developers a protocol with which they will be able to create decentralized and censorship-resistant social enabled apps. Different apps, with different scopes and their own Term of Services will be able to use the features offered by Desmos to customize their user experience in a unique way.

Read their Manifesto here.

Core features of Desmos

The core features of Desmos are organised in modules following the specification of the Cosmos-SDK.

Here a brief description of each one of these:

  • Profiles: Handles the creation and management of a decentralized identity and its own links with both your other chains wallets and centralised applications;
  • Relationships: Handles the creation and management of mono-directional and bidirectional [relationships] between users’ wallets. It also allows managing users blocks lists;
  • Subspaces: Handles the creation and management of a [subspace] and their [sections] inside Desmos;
  • Posts: Handles the creation and management of posts and their contents. These contents can include a variety of different attachments such as medias (pics, gifs, videos) and polls. Posts can also be enriched with a variety of [entities].
  • Reactions: Handles the creation and management of reactions to posts;
  • Reports: Handle the creation and management of posts’ and users’ reports.
Desmos is a blockchain to fix the problems caused by the centralized social networks (“CSNs”) which include censorship and privacy breach. The end goal is to improve the well-being of billions of netizens. Desmos Token (“DSM”) is the native staking token on Desmos
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