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How to stake DDKoin?

To stake DDKoin, users need to create DDK account and have more than 1 DDKoin in their DDK mainnet account. The minimum amount DDKoin can be stake is 1 DDKoin with fees 0.01% from the amount of the staked DDKoin. Users need to click on the Stake button and insert the amount of DDKoin that they want to stake and put their passphrase to complete the process. After that, users can check their staking contract at stake tab on the DDK mainnet platform to know the number of votes that they already performed and the next vote milestone.

How to vote for Delegates?

To vote, users need to click on the delegates tab and choose their preferred delegates to be voted. Minimum 1 and maximum of 3 delegates can be voted per transaction. Users may vote max of 101 Delegates per account lifetime.

What are the requirements to stake DDK?

To stake DDKoin, users need to have more than 1 DDKoin in their DDK mainnet account. Users may purchase DDKoin from any crypto exchange that listed DDKoin. The minimum amount of DDKoin can be staked is 1 DDKoin with fees 0.01% from the amount of staked DDKoin.

What's the initial token distribution of DDKoin?

DDK is a migrated DPOS native Blockchain (decentralized) from the ETPS platform (Centralized Pre-ICOs) for crypto-asset products which has been as a PRE-ICO contract since February 2016 through June 2018. DDK Private Pre-ICO is quite unique because it has International crypto exchangers (ICE) within the ecosystem handling the transaction on the centralized ETPS platform. DDK has total coin allocation of 45,000,000 DDKoin. This coin had been divided into two allocations which are pre-mined and unmined. 8.6% of the coin is under pre-mined allocation while others 91.40% from this allocation is the unmined allocation. The allocation of 3.8% in the pre-mined allocation is the provision for the DDK Pre-ICO that being migrate into DDK Platform.

For more information, please refer to the Whitepaper page 73.

How much is the voting fee?

The voting fee is 0.01% from the amount of the staked DDKoin of a maximum of 3 delegates per transaction. Stakeholder who votes more than 3 delegates on the following transaction (maximum of 3 delegates per transaction) will have to pay an additional voting fee based on 0.01% from the amount of staked DDKoin.

How much can i make staking DDK?

Once users have staked their DDKoin, they need to vote for the delegates to get the staking rewards. Users will get a 10% reward from the amount of staked DDKoin every time after completing 4 times voting of the first year. After that, the rewards will decrease by 2% every 6 months. The only condition with this reward is to vote four times every 7 days.

Make sure to try the DDKoin Staking Calculator for check projected rewards.

Is there any risk in staking DDK?

There is very little risk in staking DDKoin. Users just need to perform voting after every 7 days until completing the 4 times voting to receive the staking rewards. The staked DDKoin will automatically be converted into liquid DDKoin after the 24 votes are completed and the DDKoin will automatically appear in the users account wallet as liquid DDKoin. However, since DDK is a decentralized platform there is a small percentage of decentralized risk that need to be considerate in a decentralized blockchain platform.

Who is the team behind DDK?

Y.H Dato’ Muhd Azrainuddin Zainal, also known as Dato’ Arai Ezzra, the Founder of DDKoin has set his own company to start the development of his idea and innovation on the utilisation through fintech and blockchain technology. In 2017, Dato’ Arai Ezzra decided to create the decentralized DDK Platform by using Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol. There are a few more teams that are working and collaborating behind the development of this decentralized platform such as DDK Management Team which is in charge of the marketing, community management, business development and operations of the DDK Platform, DDK Developers Team who have developed the DDK cryptocurrency and blockchain platform and DDK Support team which provides support to the DDK Community.

What is DDKoin?

DDK is a decentralized platform that provides blockchain/fintech solutions which are supported by a growing community of users. The objective is to provide economic opportunities for community members and continue to innovate and contribute to building blockchain solutions. DDKoin is the cryptocurrency that is being used on the DDK platform. DDK used DPOS algorithm because it was a high democratic platform than the other consensus systems, more efficient, more secure and it is cost-effective due to the mining opportunity depending on the number of votes for the miners from stakeholders.

What is the 24h Trading Volume of DDKoin (DDK)?

Over the past 24 hours, DDKoin (DDK) has seen a trading volume of across all available exchanges.

How has the price of DDK changed over the past 24h?

The price of DDKoin (DDK) is currently , which represents a - decrease over the past 24 hours.
DDKoin is a community platform aiming to create economic opportunities through the development of blockchain solutions
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