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Learn about Datamine Staking

How to Stake DAM?

The process of staking DAM is rather easy but requires multiple steps for you to achieve the full bonus effect.

To start get some DAM and visit the Datamine Dashboard, next click the enable button to allow FLUX Minting, and then click “lock-in” to enter total DAM tokens to Stake. After locking in your DAM you will start minting FLUX dividend.

Visit our How to Stake DAM Step-by-Step Staking Tutorial for a full walkthrough on how to Stake DAM.

How much can I earn Staking DAM?

Certain multipliers can increase your FLUX dividend rate by up to 30X.

Your bonus for burning FLUX can be up to 10X and your bonus for Time can be up to 3 X.

In the two reward options outlined on Staking Rewards we show a scenario with 1X Burn rate and 10X Burn rates, neither account for any time bonuses.

Any risks to Staking DAM?

There is smart contract risk associated with staking DAM as these are Ethereum smart contracts you will be interacting with. There is no minimum required or forced lockup period when staking DAM. You should consider ethereum gas costs when interacting with the staking smart contract.

Also if you are providing liquidity on Uniswap you should make yourself familiar with impermanent loss and the concept of flash loan attacks.

Other than what is outlined above, we consider Staking DAM to be relatively low risk.

What is Datamine?

Datamine Crypto uses smart contracts to redefine DeFi by creating on-chain Supply and Demand equilibrium. FLUX tokens are generated every 15 seconds to be burned by Datamine (DAM) token holders.

Datamine Network is a gateway into next-gen Deflationary Monetary System that is OWNERLESS, IMMUTABLE, AUDITED and ran completely by the community. Their Ethereum smart contracts form Base Currencies of DeFi.

DAM and FLUX are dual interconnected tokens that offer unique incentives for providing liquidity on Uniswap & Balancer pools. Our core on-chain use case ensures constant movement of tokens through any liquidity pool.

Datamine (DAM) tokens have fixed supply to form high volatility pool. Over 70% of lifetime DAM supply is locked-up in the FLUX minting smart contract. Constant demand to lock-up more DAM creates on-chain velocity.

FLUX tokens have infinite supply and deflation is automatically adjusted by “controlled on-chain burn” to create low volatility pool. Over 60% of all FLUX tokens have been destroyed from circulation creating on-chain velocity where FLUX is used as a form of “fuel” for the controlled burn.

How was Datamine Launched?

On June 9th 2020, Datamine announced that beta testing had concluded and mainnet was now live!

An exchange called Graviex performed a one time swap for any account containing a “Bulwark” crypto balance. The swap ratio was 1:1 (meaning 1 BWK = 1 DAM). This is where the total supply of DAM came from, there was no premine. The trading of DAM on Graviex began immediately after the swap and soon after Bulwark was delisted from Graviex.

The first token swap on Graviex exchange was a success, nearly 10,000,000 BWK were swapped to DAM.

Who is the Team behind Datamine?

Some of the core team members at Datamine are as follows:

Dustin – Developer at Bulwark Crypto

Michael – Community Manager at Bulwark Crypto

Tristan G – Marketing Team Member and Moderator at Bulwark Crypto

Please note that the project now promotes being run by their community which can be found here.

Datamine is Datamine Crypto uses smart contracts to redefine DeFi by creating on-chain Supply and Demand equilibrium. FLUX tokens are generated every 15 seconds to be burned by Datamine (DAM) token holders.