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How to stake DAO?

1.Go to https://daomaker.com/ and connect your Ethereum Wallet.

2.Click on Products and choose Stake DAO.

3.Choose the number of DAO tokens you want to stake.

4.In addition, you need to determine the time for which you want to stake.

5.You have the choice between 30 up to 1095 days.

6.The longer you choose the period, the more Staking Rewards you will receive.

7.After this decision you can click on the Stake button. And voila you have done it.


How to stake DAO?

To earn a yield on your DAO, you can stake your tokens to earn Venture Yields.

For the best security and control over your funds, we recommend using a Ledger Hardware Wallet. To delegate your tokens, you should ensure they are stored on your Ledger or Metamask, and then follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to the DAO Maker’s Staking Portal and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Enter the amount of DAO you would like to stake under ‘DAO to be staked’.

Step 3: Select how long you would like to stake for, you have the choice between 30 up to 1095 days.

Step 4: Click the ‘Stake’ button and sign the transaction.

How do I choose DAO Maker validators? 

Users do not need to select validators when staking their DAO tokens.

Do I need to maintain my staking in any way?

After delegating your DAO tokens, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use our DAO Maker Staking Calculator to estimate your expected rewards under different scenarios.
  • Users are able to unstake earlier (than their lock time expires) for a fee. The fee is equal to the reward amount that they would get in the first 50% of days they committed to stake. Eg. if a user commits to stake for 200 days and unstakes after 50 days, he will not have enough reward to cover the fee, therefore the fee will be paid with some amount of his stake. If he unstakes after 101 days, he gets back all the stake amount + reward for 1 day. The minimum fee days is set to 30 days.
  • Users are charged a fee if they unstake more than 30 days after their lock time expires. The fee increases linearly for 100 days. After 100 days, the fee is equal to the total stake + reward (meaning that users get 0 DAO back). Anybody can unstake for anybody (who is in the late days period) to prevent the fee increasing and to distribute the accumulated fee to the other stakers. That late unstake fee ensures clear price predictability to protect DAO holders.

How are the staking rewards generated?

The Staking Rewards on DAO come from:

  • Venture Yield Rewards: All winners of any SHOs pay a 20% winner fee on their tokens. The tokens collected are slowly liquidated to stablecoins and then used to buy DAO Tokens from DEXs. The DAO tokens go into the venture yield pool and are paid out to DAO stakers (At the end of the staking period).
  • Early Unstake Fees: 50% of the early unstake fees will be returned to the Venture Yield Reward pool and paid out to DAO stakers.
  • Boost: Participants gain a 50% bonus in APR for every additional month set as their staking period, providing a 600% reward bonus per year. Daily DAO rewards therefore increase steeply for participants that set longer staking goals. Stakers are also given a 0.5% bonus for every 10K DAO extra Staked, capped to 50% bonus for staking 1 Million DAO.

Please note that users will receive their DAO rewards only at the end of their defined Staking Period.

What are the risks to staking DAO?

We strive to make staking as safe and transparent as possible, however, it’s important to consider factors that may influence whether a particular staking option is appropriate for you.

Slashing risk: There is no slashing risk when staking DAO.

Unbonding risk: When staking DAO tokens, there is a varying soft-lockup period. You can unlock your tokens, but will pay a penalty for doing so. This is something to keep in mind when deciding to stake, as crypto markets are highly volatile and you may want to sell your tokens before your soft-lockup period ends. Consider keeping funds liquid if you do not intend to hold DAO long-term. 

Protocol security risks: There is an inherent risk that the protocol could contain unknown bugs, this risk applies not only to staking but also the investment in DAO.

This list is not exhaustive and other risks may apply.

What consensus algorithm does DAO Maker use?

Dao Maker is a dApp on Ethereum, which means it does not does not have a consensus mechanism.

What are the tokenomics of DAO?

The maximum supply of this token was initially capped at 312,000,000, with an inflationary type emission rate since genesis. The max supply will be reduced and adjusted according to the burn mechanism set by the protocol and the team’s governance. The supply of DAO is expected to be fully vested by Apr 2025.

Initial token distribution:

The Initial token distribution of  DAO Maker (DAO) is as follows:

  • 24.60% is allocated to Private Sale
  • 0.40% is allocated to Public Sale
  • 18.50% is allocated to Team
  • 3.50% is allocated to Advisors
  • 7.00% is allocated to Merger & Acquisition
  • 7.00% is allocated to Foundation
  • 10.00% is allocated to Customer incentives
  • 9.00% is allocated to Ecosystem growth
  • 10.00% is allocated to DAO Managed Foundation

Funding rounds

  • $100,000 was raised in the Public Community Round on 15 Nov 2020 with an average price of $0.1
  • $7,700,000 was raised in the Private Sale on Dec 2020 with an average price of $0.1
  • $300,000 was raised in the IEO on Gate.io on 18 Jan 2021 with an average price of $0.1

What is DAO?

DAO is the native token of DAO Maker that is used to carry out the key functions of the platform as detailed below:

Token Utilities

  • Staking: Users can temporarily lock up DAO to earn rewards from Venture Yield Staking.
  • Launchpad: Users can take part in Strong Hold Offerings (SHO’s) on the platform to get allocations to new projects that are launching on the platform.
  • Governance: DAO is used to vote on governance proposals on the network. Only staked tokens are eligible to be used for governance voting. The amount of voting power is measured in terms of stake.

What is the 24h Trading Volume of DAO Maker (DAO)?

Over the past 24 hours, DAO Maker (DAO) has seen a trading volume of across all available exchanges.

How has the price of DAO changed over the past 24h?

The price of DAO Maker (DAO) is currently , which represents a - decrease over the past 24 hours.
DAO Maker
DAO Maker is DAO Maker Token is the governance token of the DAO Maker Ecosystem built on Ethereum, allowing holders to govern the ecosystem. DAO Maker held a series of Dynamic Coin Offerings since late 2020, raising over 8 million USD. The DAO Maker Token aims to create a decentralized ecosystem, enabling a go-to platform for retail venture investing...Read more
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