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Learn about Comdex Staking

Where do Comdex Staking Rewards Come from?

Comdex has an inflationary token supply with a 30% inflation set for the first year and then reduces by 25% for each year after with a max supply of 200 million tokens. For a more in-depth understanding of the Comdex, tokenomics check out this awesome article.

How much can I earn staking CMDX?

You can view the live staking reward rate at the top of this page.

There are two ways to earn revenue with CMDX through Staking.

    1. You can delegate your CMDX. Here you can 41.39% on your CMDX, but take into account that there is an inflation in CMDX token and a validator fee you have to pay.
    2. Run your own validator node. By this, you can earn more than 44%. You have no validator fee to pay, but you have to set up the node and maintain it.

How to choose the right validator?

The choice of the right validator is a personal preference.

You have to take into account things like

  • Balance
  • Uptime
  • Commission
  • The trustworthiness of the validator.

To make your choice easier we introduced the Verified Provider Program.

Within this program, we’ll make sure the validator passes on all these important factors and give them a “Verified Badge” to signal that they have passed our standards.



What are the risks staking CMDX?

The main risk when staking CMDX is in the lockup time:

  • 21 days

The market price of CMDX could fluctuate during this period affecting the overall value of your position.

Other risks to consider are derived from your validator selection. If a validator misbehaves or goes offline it could face certain slashing events that could affect your Stake.

These are considered to be normal risks associated with Delegation.

What is Comdex?

The Comdex chain now serves as a DeFi infrastructure layer for the Cosmos ecosystem.
Essentially this means that Comdex provides a variety of interoperable plug & play
modules for projects to use to create their own DeFi platforms providing utility to
the Cosmos community as well as DeFi users worldwide.

Comdex is building an ecosystem of solutions that work synergistically to aggregate
liquidity from DeFi ecosystems and facilitate its flow into CeFi. Whether through the
enterprise trade platform & the tokenization of real-world assets through access to the
price fluctuation of various assets via Synthetics, as a Defi infrastructure layer,
the Comdex ecosystem promises to facilitate an all-in-one hub to democratize finance.

  1. Composite:
    Composite is an over-collateralized stablecoin designed to be a stable representation of purchasing power and is therefore soft pegged to $1; however, as the global macro landscape develops, that may be subject to change in the future.
  2. Commodo:
    Commodo is a lending/borrowing dApp, native to the Comdex chain utilizing the $CMDO native token, allowing users in the Cosmos ecosystem to more efficiently utilize their capital. This dApp will integrate with the other apps like the synthetics exchange to enhance the cAsset user experience and function as its own platform.
  3. cAsset:
    cAsset is the innovative new synthetics app that allows the creation of synthetic assets based on the price fluctuation of real-world assets, such as commodities or cryptocurrencies. Once users have their synthetic assets, they can then use those assets to earn yields.
  4. ShipFi:
    This dApp promises to facilitate the creation of CeFi financing through collateralization of real-world assets as NFTs.
  5. Enterprise Trade:
    This platform will allow its users to facilitate real-world trade financing using digital assets as collateral, thus providing its Enterprise users with readily accessible liquidity to meet their demands.

What is the role of CMDX?

CMDX is the Comdex chain’s native token, and it will be critical in assisting Comdex in fulfilling its vision of creating an ecosystem of solutions to democratize finance. Below are the specifics of CMDX’s token economics, as well as an explanation of how it will function within the Comdex ecosystem.

The CMDX token is inflationary in nature with an inflation of 30% set for the first year and a subsequent reduction of 25% in the inflation rate in each with the maximum supply capped at 200,000,000 CMDX.

How did Comdex Launch?

Comdex launched through an LBP where liquidity was provided to a pool offering the token in a reverse Dutch auction on Osmosis. This involved setting Comdex at the highest auction price and then gradually reducing the price until enough Comdex was sold to balance the LP pool in a 1:1 ratio.

Who founded Comdex?

Abhishek Singh Co-founder & CEO
Siddarth Patil Co-founder & COO

Comdex is is a DeFi infrastructure layer for the Cosmos ecosystem. Comdex provides a variety of interoperable plug & play modules for projects to use to create their own DeFi platforms providing utility to the Cosmos community as well as DeFi users worldwide.

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