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What is ChangeX Staking?

ChangeX is the first mobile app that offers crypto-friendly fiat banking within a user-centric DeFi non-custodial wallet. CHANGE is the native token of ChangeX and is at the core of the multi-chain system within the ChangeX app. ChangeX redefines personal finance. It’s multi-chain with a focus on POS assets and multiple passive income opportunities powered by DeFi. ChangeX puts the user in control of their money - fiat and crypto alike.

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How to stake $CHANGE?

Staking $CHANGE can be done via the ChangeX app, which is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Once the wallet is set-up, users can send $CHANGE to their address or buy $CHANGE in-app with BTC, ETH, USDC (ERC20), USDT (ERC20), or DAI (Hydra-pegged).

Once $CHANGE is available, users need to proceed to the “Stake” screen, where it can be staked. Manual compounding of rewards is possible and there are no limitations as to how often a user can restake. All transactions require a small amount of $HYDRA to complete. 

The other option is to stake via the browser-based Hydra DEX. More information can be read in the full $CHANGE staking guide

Any risks to staking $CHANGE?

As with every DeFi protocol, there is a smart contract risk. Price depreciation of $CHANGE is also a risk, which depends on multiple factors. The deflationary nature of the token, however, guarantees that in the long run the circulating supply will be reduced.

The biggest risk comes from the self-custody of the wallet. Therefore, users should make sure that the device they use to stake is free of malware and that they have safely backed up their seed phrase.

What is ChangeX?

ChangeX is a hybrid personal finance mobile app which fuses crypto, DeFi, and banking into a single package. ChangeX seeks to streamline how traditional banking users and crypto enthusiasts manage their assets by merging on-chain DeFi tools and economics with real-world usage and adoption. 

To do this, ChangeX developed a multi-chain non-custodial wallet to offer staking, leveraged staking, buying, selling, swapping, lending, and storing of crypto tokens on various blockchains with just a few clicks. Forget about using multiple protocols and wallets. The entire process of acquiring crypto and using it in the real world will be simplified via the integration of bank accounts (IBAN) into the wallet, allowing users to use a decentralized wallet as an alternative to traditional banking, while retaining all of its functionality. The ChangeX Crypto Debit Card, which will arrive in Q1 2023, will allow users to spend all of their assets – both crypto and fiat – in any place where debit or credit cards are normally accepted. Staking rewards and staked assets will also be spendable without the need for unstaking.

ChangeX will also offer users various ways to maximize passive income and empower their investing portfolio by providing access to an array of DeFi tools. ChangeX’s flagship Leveraged Staking product will allow all users to amplify their staking yield by a factor of 1.2-2x. This Leveraged Staking offering will be kept completely decentralized and will work on a peer-to-peer basis, with a stablecoin lending market standing on the other side of the system, where users earn ~5-9.5% APR for lending their stable crypto assets.

The goal of ChangeX is to empower all users – banking, DeFi, and crypto natives – by giving them the tools to manage, grow, and put their money to use, all in the pursuit of financial freedom and independence.

What is the $CHANGE token?

At the core of the ChangeX multi-chain system stands the CHANGE token.

  • CHANGE has a max supply of 425,000,000 tokens and offers high staking APR. It harnesses the inflationary economy of all integrated staking assets within the ChangeX app as ChangeX distributes their flexible pool income to CHANGE token holders, combining the best of both worlds – fixed supply with steady staking rewards. CHANGE has a 20 M CHANGE staking pool reserved for the first 9 months in order to stimulate liquidity and act as a bridge until the flexible staking pools come into play.
  • CHANGE is deflationary: 30% of all crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto trading fees on the ChangeX app will be used to power a buy-and-burn mechanism and reduce the total supply.
  • CHANGE is multi-chain. It currently lives on Hydra, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.
  • CHANGE provides voting rights: Holding CHANGE means you can participate in the process of approving new listings and the integration of new leveraged staking assets into the ecosystem.
  • CHANGE brings multiple benefits in-app.

Who is the team behind ChangeX?

The ChangeX team is comprised of crypto veterans with a $600M track record from Hydra, Locktrip and Bitcoin Gold. They have in-depth expertise in building and operating blockchain platforms, developing tokenomics, conducting ICOs and IDOs, and are well versed in all matters related to crypto compliance since 2011. 

Some core members are:

Nikifor Iliev – Chief Executive Officer

Martin Kuvandzhiev – Chief Technology Officer

Nikola Alexandrov – Strategy, Tokenomics & Crowdfunding Architecture Design

Hristo Tenchev – Crowdfunding Operations

Gary Guerassimov – Deputy CEO

The members of the advisory board of ChangeX, Dimitar Gurdjilov, Stefan Ivanov, and Neil Cunha-Gomes, have 60+ years of combined experience in M&A, advisory, investment banking and management from leading investment banks such as SoftBank, Merrill Lynch, and Citibank.

How was ChangeX launched?

The team held an ICO from 28 Feb 2022 until 30 Jun 2022 with a token price of $0.016. The team achieved 1.8x oversubscription and raised close to $2.0 M in the harshest market conditions.

ChangeX also received equity funding from travel giant Webjet Limited, ASX-traded, through subsidiary Locktrip.

At the time of the ICO the team consisted of less than 10 people and has grown to more than 20 in the 2 months following the close of the public sale.

How much can I earn by staking $CHANGE?

In the first two months of staking, the APY for staking $CHANGE has oscillated between 600% and 800% with daily restaking. The APY changes according to how much $CHANGE tokens are staked at any given moment and the rewards that are to be distributed. In addition to the 20 M fixed staking pool for the first 9 months, the staking pool is also fed by the commissions charged to other staking pools within the ChangeX app.

What are the requirements to stake $CHANGE?

There is no minimum to stake $CHANGE and there is no lock-up period.

Simply download the ChangeX app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and get yourself some $CHANGE.

The only requirement to stake CHANGE is to have a few $HYDRA in order to be able to pay the transaction fees. Once the ERC20 staking pool is launched, users will be able to stake their $CHANGE on the Ethereum network and will thus need to have $ETH for transaction fees.

ChangeX is the first mobile app that offers crypto-friendly fiat banking within a user-centric DeFi non-custodial wallet. CHANGE is the native token of ChangeX and is at the core of the multi-chain system within the ChangeX app. ChangeX redefines personal finance. It’s multi-chain with a focus on POS assets and multiple passive income opportunities...Read more

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