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Running a Validator is a great way to support the network and contribute to the security of the network. It requires a local set up in your home. Running a Validator is a great way to foster decentralization. You can run a validator either at home on your own server, or set it up remotely in the cloud.
Reward Rate
200k AUDIO
Lockup Time
7 days

Learn about Audius Staking

How to Stake Audius?
  • Head over to the ‘Service’ tab of the protocol dashboard and connect to your web3 wallet
  • Once you’ve connected your wallet, from the list of node operators select ‘Staked’
  • Click on the ‘Delegate’ button on the top left
  • Select the amount of $AUDIO tokens you wish to delegate, currently set at a minimum of 100 tokens.
  • Follow the prompts and click “Confirm”


Note: This guide assumes you have a Metamask or equivalent Ethereum wallet, have $AUDIO tokens held there, and have ETH available in the same wallet to pay gas fees for transaction fees.

What yield can I earn by staking Audius?

You can currently earn ~ 21% APR.

$AUDIO rewards are distributed directly on-chain to node operators, with the on-chain system deducting their Delegator Cut and routing the remaining rewards to those who delegated their tokens.

Check out the Audius  Staking Rewards Calculator to estimate your $AUDIO staking returns.

How to choose the right Audius Validator?

Is there any risk in Staking $AUDIO?

There is no significant risk when delegating $AUDIO.

Please consider that there is a risk of slashing up to 100% of your funds, in case that the validator you delegated to, signs illegal transactions or votes for illegal forks. However if the validator and your funds get slashed would be decided case by case based on an on-chain governance vote.

If you choose a reliable validator, the risk of slashing should be close to 0.

Additionally, please consider that there is a 7 day unbonding period before you can access your delegated funds and transfer them.

What is Audius?

Audius is a blockchain-based decentralized music streaming platform. The project aims to give artists and curators more control over their music creations. When artists upload content to Audius, they can produce immutable records for their work, which will be secured by a decentralized network of nodes.

How was Audius launched?

Audius was co-founded by the CEO of the company behind the project, a Stanford University graduate in computer science, Roneil Rumburg, and Forrest Browning who is the CPO of Audius. Lovers of electronic music, Rumburg and Browning started developing the platform in 2018. Audius raised US$5.5 million in August that year, after completing a Series A round that included General Catalyst, Lightspeed, and Pantera Capital. Binance Labs also led an extension round raising US$1.25 million for Audius. The Audius mainnet launched on Sept. 24, 2019.

Audius is a protocol that positions itself in the audio distribution industry as a censorship-resistant and decentralized alternative to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. Secured by their proof-of-stake smart contract staking deployed on Ethereum, Audius utilizes a network of content and discovery nodes to store and index artists and their creations. The platform's key point of difference is that all content-related revenue is distributed to its creators, with no protocol fees.
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