About Ark

Ark is a Blockchain Ecosystem and interoperable Smart Contract Platform. The market cap is $24,028,673 and the 24h volume is $933,505.

Open Source, Smart Contracts
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Staking Ark

Ark blockchain consensus is achieved via Delegated Proof of Stake. Investors can participate via forging. Currently there are 2 options to earn passive income and staking rewards with your Ark investment as outlined below.

Delegate Ark

Annual Reward: 8.92%
Adj. Reward: +3.59%
Recommended minimum:10 ARK
Complexity Rating: easy
Risk Rating: very stable
Default Provider Fee: 10%

Run a Delegate Node

Annual Reward: 9.91%
Adj. Reward: +4.58%
Required minimum:1,316,644 ARK
Complexity Rating: very hard
Risk Rating: stable


  • How to delegate / stake Ark?

    Ark holders simply have to choose one Delegate of their choice and cast a vote for them inside the Ark Wallet.

  • How to run a Shift Delegate Node?

    Delegates operate Ark Nodes and the 51 Delegates with the most votes get the rights to validate transactions and create new blocks.

    It requires a professional hardware setup and you need to have sufficient funds or votes.

  • Which network metrics do the rewards depend on?

    Delegates share the block rewards with their voters. Usually they keep 5-10% and share 95-90% of the rewards.

  • Is there a risk to stake Ark?

    Staking Ark is safe as long you protect your private keys. There is no risk of slashing.

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Last updated: 2020-04-05 03:20:17